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    Mastermind Workshop Intro Night ! Oct. 7 2018

    Wyndaveres Mastermind Workshop Introduction Night Happening October 7th @ 5:00 pm SLT (pst) @ CafeMake in Wyndavere City, Second Life  8 Week design workshop – Master your mind to turn your dreams into reality.   Overview Are you like me? A creative mastermind with a brain full of ideas,but struggle to follow through on your goals? That’s why I created Wyndavere’s Mastermind Design Workshop. We are all genius’ but no one succeeds at ANYTHING alone.  Isolation is the #1 reason most people fail to reach their goals. When one person, that’s right one, believes in you, your chance to succeed go up substantially.   The support of  Masterminds give you…

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    Mastermind time!

    We’re kicking things off at 7am and again at 5pm SLT (PST) Sick and tired of feeling like a loser? Never getting the things done you know you were destined to do? Or does fear got you  shaking in the corner unable to move? Become a Mastermind and we’ll surround you with the support you need to get stuff done and make your  dreams realities….or virtual realities too. See you @ CafeMake in SecondLife! These sessions are the beta version of an 8 part workshop provided to the residents of SecondLife FREE  (for a limited time)    

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    Mastermind Workshop Promo edition

    A whole new, updated Mastermind Workshop Promo Edition. This workshop is 8 weeks long  meeting twice each Sunday and is provided to the residents of SecondLife FREE of charge  (those tips appreciated.) Gain the support of a team while you reach for your dreams and achieve your goals! Love helping others but not quite ready to chase your own dreams? This workshop is for you too become part of the cheering squad, brainstorm ideas, give contacts, connection and feedback and be a valued part of our team! Mastermind Workshops are hosted in Second Life @ CafeMake on Sunday 7am + Sunday 5pm Bring your notebook, your desires to change, and…

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    Mastermind Meetup #3 Dreamscaping

    Mastermind Meetup #2 recap & Mastermind #3 Another successful meetup! Thank you all  for coming. At Sunday’s, July 1st Mastermind Meetup we delve deep into the psychology of the artistic, entrepreneurial mind, by asking one Question. What drives you? We defined the Differences of Mattering,Belonging & Safety driven action & inaction. Each Mastermind told us what drives them so that  the rest of the group can make sure they are responding in a way that is helpful and encouraging to You. When you receive the type of support you need your mind stays open,receptive and totally creative! We also asked… What’s your dream? What’s your obstacle? Each Mastermind presented their…

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    What is a Mastermind Meetup?

    Mastermind Meetups are discussion based workshops where the participants (Masterminds)  work together to give each other the support we need to achieve our goals and dreams. We all started as big thinkers, dreamers, genius’ but somewhere along our walk in “reality”  an adult in our lives, perhaps a teacher or  parent, friend or lover thought they would “save” us and tell us directly or indirectly, “give it up kid!” Unfortunately, we believed these adults in our lives (assuming they knew better) & without questioning their reasoning we gave up.  “You’re right Joe, I don’t know what I was thinking!? I should go give up this fantasy and go find a…

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    Reminder: Mastermind Meetup #2

    Reminder: Mastermind Meetup Sunday July 1st. Session 1 @ 6am-7am SLT (PST) Session 2 @ 6pm-7pm SLT (PST) join us at https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ren%20Faire/230/59/36 We’ll be discussing drivers, Dream planning, and obstacles. These are group discussions so plan to participate, come armed with a dream!

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    Mastermind Meetup #2 Dream a little Dream

    Mastermind #1 Recap & Mastermind Meetup #2  On Sunday June 24,2018 we had our very first mastermind Meetup & it was a great success! Thank you all for joining us for our very first Mastermind Meetup (cheers wildly.) For those who missed out I’ll be submitting a recap after each and every Sunday’s Meetups combining  useful information from both the 6am-7am  & the 6pm-7pm sessions, but please do join us at  @ Cafe’ Make, Wyndavere City  to get the most out of the project. Showing up is the first step to succeeding at ANYTHING! During our flagship  meetup we covered  a range of topics from psychology- why you don’t believe you can…

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    Masterminds Welcome!

    Wyndavere City Proudly welcomes “Mastermind meetup.” @ Cafe’ Make, Wyndavere City ! The Bravest thing you can do is follow your dreams, and reaching them is dependent on a strong support system. Some of us are blessed  to have great support from friends and family.  Sadly, this is  usually not the case.  Do your friends tug at your arm to go out with them when you mention working towards your dream? Is your family nagging you to “get your head out the clouds and get a Real Job?” I know I know, we’ve all been there, we love them for who they are and cherish their  company but let’s admit it,…

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    Wynds tips #4 SEO Search Engine Optimization

    Wynd’s Tips #4 SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )  it’s for SecondLife too! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you! If you Optimize it they will come! Second Life is a search Engine no different from Google. Grab your customers & the Second Life Search engine’s attention by giving your products User-friendly/Search Engine friendly names, descriptions, & don’t forget to check off the “Show in Search” option on every new creation! Be Seen & Heard! If you don’t know what Search Engine Optimization is, think of it as the thesis statement to sum up a story. , At a quick glance, you want the search engine and  your customers to know exactly…