• Mistress' Wishes HUD

    Sneak Peek Mistress’ Wishes HUD for Second Life

    The ” Mistress’ Wishes HUD ” for SecondLife It’s a sneak peek WIP to be released Next Tuesday! There’s still a few Sale items at our MP, help us make room for NEW products to love. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/31298 #Wyndaveres #Sneakpeek #Secondlife #BDSM #Lifestyle #organizer #planner #3dcgi #VFX #Interface #HUD

  • I’m so inspired, “I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control & I think I like it!”

    Did you notice we’ve been under construction – Shifts eyes left, then right admiring the NEW WEBSITE!

    The past few years have been bumpy for me & those who are close to me, but I’m FINALY feeling GOOD, which mean that I can get back to doing what I love. ♥

    I can return to creating, sharing knowledge, teaching and brainstorming with the Second Life community, and other (secret) communities too, but I’ll leave those secrets for another post.

    Fear is a funny thing & loneliness is it’s best friend, those two move in and the next thing you know BOOM! isolation. The WORST part- is not the depression that follows but the lack of inspiration, motivation, and ultimately your creativity vanishes.

    You know, for a while I thought… Well, I thought a lot of things, like the lie I’d tell myself every day, “No one likes you.” Ugh! Through that lie, I gave myself a justified reason, NOT to go out! To sit alone and “work.” I mean really, those people are distracting  aren’t they?

    Sure, it worked… For a while, until it spiraled and suddenly I was uninspired, I was alone, and I lost all motivation to do much of anything really. I stopped trusting people. I became became suspicious, and judgmental. Eventually I stopped trusting me. I mean I could not even walk out the door without questioning “Did I leave the stove on?” Honestly, it got pretty bad.

    Have you ever found yourself in the same spot? If you have then you know it SUCKS!

    If you’re there now, hopefully this will inspire you to change it. After all, only you can make the choice to change you, even your depression is a choice. “I’ve got the right to lay here, I’m DEPRESSED!”

    I talk about these experiences more in depth at the Sunday “Mastermind Meet-ups” In Second Life. I’ve hosted these meet-ups for a few months now and I have to say, the creatives who come in and share their struggles on their paths to excellence, they are AWESOME! Do you want to get out of a funk FAST? Then GET OUT!

    If you’ve never attended a Mastermind Meetup I welcome you too. We’ll be rebooting the program this June , we’ll meet every Sunday at 5pm SLT for 8 weeks! At minimum- you’ll get out, but I bet my left pinky you’ll get more than that, you’ll get inspired .

    If a Mastermind group does not sound like your kind of fun then I encourage you to get around other people who inspire you, Get moving on something that is meaningful TO YOU!

  • Do You Have a New Year’s Resolution to do more?

    It’s that time of year again where we all get ready, get set, GO! loaded with wishes & goals and that’s EXACTLY why Wyndaveres created the “Big Idea HUD.”

    This HUD, Available in Second Life, illiminates the need for Notecards, scratch paper, napkins, text documents and Google Docs while in SecondLife.

    Are you tired of tabbing out of Second Life to write a quick note, losing post-its and tossing away the peice fo scratch paper onyl to realise later it had your BEST idea written on the back?

    If you’re like me, full of ideas yet a bit scatter-brained the “Big Idea HUD” is for you!

    Second Life Big Idea HUD

    Below are some of “The Big Idea HUDS” features:

    • e-mail capable hud send all your ideas to yourself!
    • super fast script Just 1 script
    • easy to use hud with paging system
    • Note keeper holds up to 90+ notes
    • easily add remove and add to existing ideas

    Visit Wyndaveres Stores here:

    https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/31298 Market Place

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ren%20Faire/187/73/30 In Second Life

  • Mastermind Workshop Intro Night ! Oct. 7 2018

    Wyndaveres Mastermind Workshop Introduction Night Happening October 7th

    @ 5:00 pm SLT (pst) @ CafeMake in Wyndavere City, Second Life 

    8 Week design workshop – Master your mind to turn your dreams into reality.



    Are you like me? A creative mastermind with a brain full of ideas,but struggle to follow through on your goals? That’s why I created Wyndavere’s Mastermind Design Workshop.

    We are all genius’ but no one succeeds at ANYTHING alone.  Isolation is the #1 reason most people fail to reach their goals. When one person, that’s right one, believes in you, your chance to succeed go up substantially.


    The support of  Masterminds

    give you the mind-power of the many and the courage to succeed!


    • Rewire your brain using neuroplasticity. Change your mindset,learn tools,identify fears, challenge limiting beliefs and reassociate experiences to build self-confidence & create new habits.
    • Support. We’re in this together!  You help me while I help you. We’ll lift each other up on  bad days,brainstorm ideas & tackle problems to keep you and me moving forward!
    • Plan effectively WITHOUT a lengthy TO-DO list!   
    • Exclusive access to the Mastermind Discord Group to maintain support even AFTER you’ve completed the program.

    Step into the studio and let’s  face your fears while you build your confidence to achieve your goals and we  celebrate your successes TOGETHER !  Join today and start living your dreams!

    Contact Wynd Ling @ Wyndaveres.com/contact  or inworld @ Wynd Ling

    Mastermind Meetups are Sundays @ 5pm-6:30 SLT (pst) @CafeMake in Second Life.

  • Mastermind time!

    We’re kicking things off at 7am and again at 5pm SLT (PST)

    Sick and tired of feeling like a loser? Never getting the things done you know you were destined to do? Or does fear got you  shaking in the corner unable to move?

    Become a Mastermind and we’ll surround you with the support you need to get stuff done and make your  dreams realities….or virtual realities too.

    See you @ CafeMake in SecondLife!

    These sessions are the beta version of an 8 part workshop provided to the residents of SecondLife FREE  (for a limited time)



  • Mastermind Workshop Promo edition

    A whole new, updated Mastermind Workshop Promo Edition.

    This workshop is 8 weeks long  meeting twice each Sunday and is provided to the residents of SecondLife FREE of charge  (those tips appreciated.)

    Gain the support of a team while you reach for your dreams and achieve your goals!

    Love helping others but not quite ready to chase your own dreams? This workshop is for you too become part of the cheering squad, brainstorm ideas, give contacts, connection and feedback and be a valued part of our team!

    Mastermind Workshops are hosted in Second Life @ CafeMake on Sunday 7am + Sunday 5pm

    Bring your notebook, your desires to change, and your energy! See you all there,