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Creative Designer & Teacher of Virtual worlds and program use, DiY home improvement projects with an emphasis on green design, recycling/reuse projects, and designer minds with a focus on wellness and confidence. My Google Profile

Jan. 24,2017 Sneak Peek The box!

So what’s happening folks? Today is the special day where Wyndaveres welcome all of you into the work shop!  We’ve got quite a lineup of of goodies today and a useful; FUN creation that will be yours to enjoy in … Continue reading

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Wynd’s Tips #6 Palette Creator extension for Google Chrome

Hey folks Welcome to Wynd’s Tips Wednesday, where I share a few tips that you can  use  to ease your creation process. Occasionally I’ll  talk about non-Secondlife tips too. Ya just never know what we’ll be up to at Wyndaveres … Continue reading

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What’s the Big idea?

Are you ready to  turn wishes and dreams into  real goals with measurable outcomes?   Yesterday is only who you used to be & today is a super special day, a chance to  be a NEW YOU!   Speaking of who … Continue reading

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