Velentis Expo Events for Second Life


Velentis Second Life Expo & Events Sim home to Wyndaveres , The Succubus, SA Selina Anatra Designs stores for Secondlife fashion & avatar enhancements VR World.

What sets us apart from the rest? Variety !

We know the struggle, we’re tired of attending events where its the same 10 creators over, and over and OVER again.

Our Expo events are designed to give you the consumer the opportunity to see new content & you the creator, the exposure to inspire your creativity. We believe there’s room for variety and while excellence of craft matters, each of our events will feature hand picked ( not by popularity) applicants to keep you awe-inspired and coming back for more.

Keep up-to-date and in the know

Like us on Facebook @VelentisSL for updates on event themes, rules, & signup dates or Send Wynd Ling (Me) an SL IM in world to join the Velentis Second Life Group !

We welcome creators of ALL experiences to apply !

Our current event is the “BOM EXPO” Click the ” Sign up button to read more. We’re proud to have you join us in Velentis !

Second Life – Your World, Your creations.