New Look new Year


If you have not yet noticed the site has been undergoing some much needed updates and revitalization. In the coming weeks you can expect more info about the new project underway along with a total wipe of the site to be replaced by a brand NEW Wyndaveres, to better serve customers and  subscribers alike. Thank you so much  for your patience while we work to make this happen .

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#MeToo ” One Billion Rising in SecondLife Feb-14-2018

In honor of the “One Billion Rising” event due to hit SecondLife  on Valentine’s I have created a Free, 100% mesh, 3d sign for people across SecondLife to show support for abused and sexually assaulted women across the world. 1 in 3 women in the world will be assaulted in their lifetime, please honor the brave women who  stand up and tell their stories with this small token. Use it as a photo prop or Display the large, 3 Land impact, Mod/copy Mesh in your storefront window. Get the Freebie in-world @ Wyndavere City


Or grab it from the Marketplace

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Feb. 07,2017 Sneak Peek DeathNote !

Ya know what’s great about Tuesday…it’s not Monday anymore!

Welcome to the workshop now let’s peer inside and see what’s coming  to Wyndavere’s on this week’s Thursday release!

You don’t wanna miss this one! This week Wyndavere’s has another great note keeping device aimed to please the goth, the emo, the Ruby Gloom in all of us. Elegant in black with touches of red, with bits of filegree for an extra bit of class.

Picture the ideas,  the important engagements or the Valentine’s gifts  you’ll fill the pages of you’re NEW DeathNote Note Keeper HUD with. 


Imagine waking each morning and being greeted by you’re greatest ideas, filling your mind with images of the great great You of the future!


Look for it in world and on the SecondLife Marketplace THIS THURSDAY! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

If you pick this up for a loved one, a friend or even yourself, why not give the gift of a review too!


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