Because you’re Special Sunday Sale

Sunday sale in Secondlife from Wyndaveres

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It’s the “Because you’re special Sunday Sale!” Whats that you say?

Well, in efforts to do our small part to create a world that’s more giving we’re giving incentive to do something nice for a person who is near and dear to your heart.

We’re giving YOU a FREE gift just for purchasing a gift for someone else. Pretty cool  huh!

Rules… are simply too!

Purchases A gift from Wyndavere’s  for your best friend, favorite singer, the peanut butter to your jelly during the “Because you’re Special Sunday sale” and we’ll send you a Gift of Gratitude on the following Monday for your good deed.

It’s simple, and You’ll feel awesome and they’re feel awesome knowing that you  are thinking on them.

Thanks for being an awesome human, Wynd Ling

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Testing new product

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