Wyndaveres is here for to provide helpful information and services for You, the creative masterminds that make Our world come to life.

My 16 years in architecture taught me that all structures need a firm base.
As an artist,I believe

we need to fuel our bodies,in order to strengthen our minds & transform knowledge into thought  producing ideas, that set our passions ablaze;Which we can then convert that positive energy into our unique crafts.

Fuel your body:

Your body is the machine that powers your mind.
A vehicle runs best on fuels and lube, and your body is no different,but lets learn how to run our bodies on water and whole food choices not chemically processed cocktails.
Then we can produce pure energy through unobstructed vessels, absorbing nutrients to power our minds.

Strengthen your mind:

Opening your mind to receive knowledge, requires self-analysis. To be receptive you must first know who you are. You were not born believing you “can’t.”
All of those people who have touched your life, have also influenced the person you have become.
Unfortunately, all of those influences are not positive, so lets relearn and rebuild who we are by managing our thoughts and asking “is this my voice, or someone elses?”

Converting knowledge and Ideas to actions:

No idea is original but the execution infused with the unique hand and passion of an artist is.
As an info seeking sponge, I share my unabridged lessons and personal techniques to help you, by giving you the knowledge to use both hand tools and computer driven applications so that you can achieve greatness in your chosen arts.
I believe with practice you’ll eventually get so good at doing the things you love that someone will pay you to do it.

Whether it be skiing, doll making, 3d modeling and graphics, or ANYTHING of which you are passionate about, with practice you will gain financial reward just by doing the things you love. How cool is that!


I love to teach and help but that desire is a result of learning on my own first so that I could fuel my own passions and infuse them into my art.
With an emphasis on individual growth I offer services to you, your family and your small business.

Please visit my services page for a listing of all products/Services I offer.

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