Dec.15,2015 Sneak Peek Wynkie Wear

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Introducing Wynkie Wear, a line of avatar accessories for Secondlife!

Wynkie Wear mesh avatar accessories

Cu’z It’s fun to play with your Wynkie!

So why the new brand?

Well I tossed this idea around for a year maybe even longer, of stepping away from my serene comforts @  Wyndaveres  and revealing  my more funny side.  I mean even the softest rose has thorns hiding in its bushes.

Will Wyndaveres go away?

Absolutely NOT. I love creating the home decor, simple sentiments, and useful tools for all of you in SecondLife, but after nearly 9 years since my birth into Secondlife I want to reveal more of myself in 2016. My life, both in RL and Sl has changed and evolved so much since my rez day back in 2007. Even bigger changes are yet to come in the coming year for me, excitement is propelling me into an abundant future (I’ll share more about my coming journey after the ball drops and we welcome the new year. )

When will products become available from Wynkie Wear?

So far I have 2 lovely shapes already released on the Marketplace, and the mesh creations  will début after the new year. Currently I am working with the creators of “SelinA Mesh BodyCherry Bomb Fitmesh Breasts” “Slink Physique” “Maitreya Lara” “Gaeline” and “Aesthetic.” These new items will first release on the SecondLife Marketplace and later in the inworld store @ Wyndavere City.

What can we expect from Wynkie Wear?

Now that’s a great question and one I am not yet ready to reveal 🙂 Yup a Secret! Stay tuned as I hope the wait will be worth it.

Ohhh yeahhhhh DON”T FORGET to pick up  a demo of either Aashi or Cindy Shapes, just head on over to the marketplace to hug them and squeeze them and make them yours!


See you Next week and happy holidays to all of you out there celebrating Hanukkah.

Aashi Shape for Secondlife

Aashi Shape for Secondlife

Cindy Shape for SecondLife


SA Mesh Body for SecondLifeNov.3,2015 Sneak Peek Mesh Body

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I love my workshop! Not just because of the projects that keep my brain alive and my fingers creating but because I also  get to meet, interact, and lend a hand to so many talented mesh creators across Secondlife. One of those wonderful creators is Selina Anatra ,an amazing mesh creator in SecondLife.

Selina’s a hermit by nature who spends most of her hours in a sandbox, but her talents are known  across the grid. Selina’s highly sought after ,superb quality custom mesh creations are the staple of quality creation!

Under the purple canopy @ Her store SA, you’ll see even more examples of her work from vehicles to adults toys to play with. When she’s not buried in a project she lends her knowledge helping the many who use  Caspervend in the  Caspertech group.

SA Mature SecondLife store

SA inworld Secondlife Store

Ohh wait this is Sneak peek! So I bet you are dying to  know about this mesh body. We’ll I can’t give all the secrets away but here is a shot of this beautiful babe!

SA Mesh Body for SecondLife


The SA  fitmesh body comes with a ton of options! With the use of the SL shape sliders the figure has endless options, making it the perfect figure for every woman in SecondLife.

If you are a petite framed modest muse, a voluptuous vixen or even a proud, expecting mama this fitmesh body is for you!

Check back often for updates as I show more tantalizing details about the highly customizable, fitmesh body by SA.

Wynds tips #5 control transparency issuesWynd’s Tips #5 OMG double transparency is killing my SecondLife product!

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Oh the whoas of Secondlife Content creation. I wish there was a clear-cut guide so we wouldn’t  have to dig through the bargain bin trying to find the magic  answers! Alas, we don’t so


A while back, I was contacted by a fellow SecondLife content creator who’d been banding his poor noggin for days trying to solve the mystery on why his beautiful mesh sail on his recently uploaded mesh boat did not appear to be there. This is  a reoccurring issue in SecondLife, it just hates double transparencies. When one is in view of the other, lets say your lacy dress with sheer jacket, the overlay of these 2 transparencies  compete leaving you a flickering mess causing mass seizures to all those who are unfortunate enough to catch  you in their gaze.

But wait Wynd, I did not upload a alpha !  Wait?! you didn’t, oh but you did.

Everytime you choose .png instead of .jpg you are uploading a alpha file. Don’t fret though, the solution is built right into SecondLife (how cleaver of them .)

Wynds tips #5 control transparency issues

Wynd’s Tips #5

To fix your .png and force it to be truly opaque simply follow these steps

  • R-click edit the model that you have applied your texture to.
  • Then go to the  “texture” tab and change alpha blending mode to “none.” Whallah! No more transparency issues!
  • Sit back and marvel at your creation with all it’s intended beauty!

Thanks for stopping by folks, I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip.

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Oh oh and check out the store too!

By shopping at Wyndavere’s you not only get super quality creations


you  add a little more lindens into my dream Jar. Thanks folks, Have a lovely day out there!