Mastermind Workshop Intro Night ! Oct. 7 2018

Wyndaveres Mastermind Workshop Introduction Night Happening October 7th

@ 5:00 pm SLT (pst) @ CafeMake in Wyndavere City, Second Life 

8 Week design workshop – Master your mind to turn your dreams into reality.



Are you like me? A creative mastermind with a brain full of ideas,but struggle to follow through on your goals? That’s why I created Wyndavere’s Mastermind Design Workshop.

We are all genius’ but no one succeeds at ANYTHING alone.  Isolation is the #1 reason most people fail to reach their goals. When one person, that’s right one, believes in you, your chance to succeed go up substantially.


The support of  Masterminds

give you the mind-power of the many and the courage to succeed!


  • Rewire your brain using neuroplasticity. Change your mindset,learn tools,identify fears, challenge limiting beliefs and reassociate experiences to build self-confidence & create new habits.
  • Support. We’re in this together!  You help me while I help you. We’ll lift each other up on  bad days,brainstorm ideas & tackle problems to keep you and me moving forward!
  • Plan effectively WITHOUT a lengthy TO-DO list!   
  • Exclusive access to the Mastermind Discord Group to maintain support even AFTER you’ve completed the program.

Step into the studio and let’s  face your fears while you build your confidence to achieve your goals and we  celebrate your successes TOGETHER !  Join today and start living your dreams!

Contact Wynd Ling @  or inworld @ Wynd Ling

Mastermind Meetups are Sundays @ 5pm-6:30 SLT (pst) @CafeMake in Second Life.