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SecondLife INWORLD SEO (Search Engine Optimization) -Be Seen and Heard

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Welcome to the World of Search Engine Optimization! “SEO” for short, making your products/venues  titles, descriptions, and keywords work for you AND your Customers.

Don’t worry we won’t get to technical about servers and algorithms! But, if you want YOUR products to  bring in those big L$ Linden L$  Dollars then this article is for you!

The SecondLife search looks at 5 parts to determine your rank.

  1. popularity (visitors to your shop)

  2. size of parcel (the bigger the better)

  3. Name (your name or your store’s name)

  4. Object name

  5. your object description (same applies for venues)

You have little control over popularity, until of course, you break into the market by following the few steps we’ll cover here!

In just a few short steps  you’ll:

  • up rank your product ranking in the Secondlife Search
  • be seen by the RIGHT people who actually WANT to buy your products
  • Get more customers
  • and of Course make more Lindens!

Arrgggg AD making!

Humans are visual! This is especially important to all of us in our virtual home in SecondLife,  so put your best face forward!

Learn to LOVE making ads!

You can have the MOST AMAZING product but if it’s presentation through photography or display is poor

NO ONE will buy it!

I’ve seen it time and time again even from some of the best of the best creators in Secondlife. They spend countless hours pouring  passion into their products, then comes ad time and they snap a shot, pick a font, and toss the ad together in 2 minutes and expect to bring in the L$!

Stop making yourself feel like crap! If you make great things SHOW them with your displays and Ads!


Take the time…I mean REAL time and put as much effort into your ADs as you do the product itself. If you aren’t great at photography or AD layouts you are in LUCK as photography happens to be the biggest profession in SecondLife so grab someone who is good at it and go forth!

Now that I have lectured you in ad making let’s get to the good stuff!

Packing a product for Optimization.

The Awesome Box

The Awesome Box

Step 1 – the Product

  • Name every object in the linkset of your build!
  • Root Prim should be the product title. Titles for search engines look at the first 60 characters so make sure you choose the words wisely.
  • USE the description. The SecondLife search engine will look at the first 160 characters of your description so make this keyword rich!
  • Last and most importantly  on the SecondLife EDIT popup on the “General” tab  check the “show in search” box. Anytime your creation is in world the SecondLife Search Engine will pull the Object name, description info, and even the objects location anytime someone searches for a product using the in world “search.”

Step 2 – The Package (repeat the last 3 parts from Step 1)

  • Package title should match your product title. Titles for search engines look at the first 60 characters so make sure you choose the words wisely.
  • USE the description. The SecondLife search engine will look at the first 160 characters of your description so make this keyword rich!
  • Last and most importantly  on the SecondLife EDIT pop-up on the “General” tab  check the “show in search” box.
  • SET product for Sale and place it in world at your store.

Step 3 – Wait a day and test out your rank.

  • Do a search in world using one or all of your keywords see where you rank.
  • If you can’t find your product in the search then you need to reconsider your product name and description. work, and rework it until you see your rank rise. First page listing is your goal

Final notes:

Remember it starts with a good product! Be creative have fun, and take control of your marketing!

Good Luck, Wynd Ling

If you want to learn how to apply these steps to the market place pop back in to Wyndaveres in 2 weeks and check out the  “SecondLife Marketplace SEO”  article.





Wyndavere's Website newsSelf Promotion – “Am I begging?”

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The big Question:

“If I Promote my products and services am I a begger?”


Answer: No, you are showing your support for YOU.

I’ve been a maker, Diy -er, artist, creator, inventor or  whatever you want to call it for many years.
I think I’ve been making things since I was old enough to hold a hammer and a nail  in my hands.


Field of dreams

Field of Dreams Image credits: Wikipedia

When I was younger I genuinely believed

“if you build it they will come” -Field of dreams

I thought that my work should speak for itself.

People should  know how great it was without me having to go out in the world scream at the top of my lungs

“hey look at me.”

I’m a bit older now, and age brings wisdom. I’ve learned this idea , though romantic , is not only a bit arrogant, but counter productive 🙂


I’ve also learned, that I am not alone!


In 2003 I founded the artist community “Rendervisions” also known as  “The Art Door.” Later in 2007, I founded the community in Second Life, as an extension of the community on the web.

I’’ve been blessed by having the opportunity to connect with over 40,000 creative people throughout my lifetime.

And guess what? Most of us are in the same frozen state.

  • We doubt. “Is it good enough?
  • We justify “ I don’t need to promote it, it’s great and I know it!
  • We make excuses “I’m just no good at marketing.”
  • We resent “Why is everyone so excited, I developed the same product 2 years ago and no ones cheering for me!

We are so overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of media and advertising.that we are cautious to Self Promote.

If you don’t  tell the world how great your product or service is,

or at least have someone else do it for you (which is usually an even better idea),

you are setting yourself up to bury that great idea in a box in your attic, because no one will ever know it existed!

The biggest hurdle is learning how to ask for  moments of someones time without feeling like a begger.

Last week  I was discussing this very topic with my fellow creator and good friend Selina
She said:

I want to ask for feedback and reviews from my customers but “I don’t want to sound like a begger.”

The research lover in me  just had to test this!
I contacted  10 of my past customers with a simple but  PERSONAL message with a request to review a product  they had purchased from me, Some of them were customers of mine as far back as 2 YEARS AGO!

Guess What?! not one of those 10 were angered by my reaching out. None felt like I was begging, and not a one felt as if I was intruding on their time. In fact, they were HAPPY  to have the chance to help!

  • 8 of those 10 customers went straight to the link I provided and reviewed the product they had purchased.
  • 2 of those 8 I got to sit and chat with, building relationships with each through common interests and shared tales.
  • 1 of them even gave me a gift.

Turns out  folks enjoy knowing there is a person behind a product and having the chance to connect with a creator of it.

They Genuinely wanted to help, it made them feel good to do their part is showing their support for creative invention and designs!
I was not invading their time at all.

Not only did I get some really great feedback but I got a deep sense of happiness, the kind that only comes from connecting and interacting with new friends.


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Wynd's Tips #4Wynd’s Tips #4 SEO it’s for SecondLife too!

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Wynd's Tips #4

SEO Search Engine Optimization




SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you! If you Optimize it they will come!

Second Life is a search Engine no different from Google. Grab your customers & the SL Search engine’s attention by giving your products User-friendly/Search Engine friendly Names, descriptions, & don’t forget to check off the “Show in Search” option on every new creation! Be Seen & Heard!

If you don’t know what Search Engine Optimization is, think of it as the thesis statement to sum up a story. You want the search engine and  your customers to know exactly what it is you have to sell , at a quick glance. Pick the most important Words for both people and the Sl search to know what it is you are selling and why they should buy it.

Look for a Full 2 part series for both in-world products and  SecondLife Marketplace listings  Next Tuesday and then the second part  2 weeks from then.

OOooorr you can even contact me in world for a one on one chat over a cup of coffee at Wyndavere’s in SecondLife.