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What’s the Big idea?

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Are you ready to  turn wishes and dreams into  real goals with measurable outcomes?


Yesterday is only who you used to be & today is a super special day, a chance to  be a



Speaking of who we used to be, let me apologize to you for my very long absence. I was ill, and I took a long journey with the fine Doctors of MGH of Boston and even had  Brain Surgery!

Wynd On the farm

I’ll get into the full details of THAT adventure in a very special “Wynd’s Tips Wednesday.”


For now, just know I am awesome! I’m not exactly the same as I was before but not different either. It’s a tale worth  reading I promise you.


Back to the important topic YOU.

They say:

If it’s not written down,

it’s not a goal.


Once you commit to paper or document you hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals and work to transform your  dreams into reality.

Let’s face it no one is going to do it for you, it’s up to you to be the best YOU you can be.  Wow that’s a bunch of “you’s” but YOU are so worth it.

To help with those tasks I challenge you to write 10 goals for this year.


Not those resolutions you declared on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve but real, measurable goals. Listen to your heart, it knows what you are meant to be.

Speaking of listening,  Wyndavere’s hears you!

By popular request. the “Big Idea HUD,” “Notepad HUD,” “Post-it pastel & Post-it Yellow HUDs,” and the “World Domination” ( my personal favorite) have been updated! They will no longer require a title for each idea you enter. Also, by request, we have 3 brand NEW Froggy pads for sale today in the marketplace and in-world. These pads are a bit more quirky and  fun, even a little  “Kawaii” pick up your own  Froggy pad today in the Marketplace or in-world at Wyndavere’s City.



Note Keeper HUDs are packed with features,easy to use and they even give you a pat on the back for completing  a task! For full details visit the  Support/Note Keeper Product Support

Take Action!

  • If you already own the Big Idea, Post-it,World Domination, or NotePad huds and would like the update just contact me, Wynd Ling in SecondLife and I will happily send you the updated version.
  • If you want to get  your 2017 goals rollin pick up a Note Keeper today @ Wyndaveres Secondlife Marketplace  or in-world @ Wyndavere’s City 

March 10,2015 Sneak Peak – Wyndavere City Project – #2 The Cafe

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“all we need is love.” ….and coffee!

As some of you may know I recently released a labor of love project, “The Match Maker Elegant venue System.”

To date it has been my biggest, most complex, project but also the  one dearest to my heart.  With the help of two full-time scriptors and nearly a year’s worth of work to develop, it has become my pride and joy, not for the 1L$ I earn from each HUD  sale but to see people use it and start to form relationships that bring them joy.

The one tricky part of this kind of product is its dependence on others,not residents but sim owners, to see its value to all the many people who visit their venues.

Soooo, I thought it only proper for the “Match Maker Cafe” to be the very first building to make landfall in Wyndavere City.


Match Maker Cafe construction begins

Match Maker Cafe construction begins

Messy? well of course it is!

Be it painter’s studio, woodworkers shack, or and architect’s desk, the design process is a messy one, at least at the beginning.

Thankfully I have great friends who enjoy my pile of prims.
As each space is worked out, proportionate and scaled, my friends get to watch as these plywood blocks disappear and are replaced with mesh.

What you are looking at in the above snapshot is the east and north facing facades of the Match Maker Cafe.  The café is a slightly industrial coffee shop with a bit of boho and Tuscany tossed in.

This week’s challenge was not only designing pretty walls and archways but getting Secondlife to  keep my Land Impacts down. Anyone who does try to build efficiently I feel your pain, custom LODs at all levels, are the rules of the game. These walls might not look like much but its the trial and error science behind them that make them not only beautiful but just 3 prims.

Check back in next week to follow the developments of Wyndavere City, and don’t forget to click the like and share buttons!

Much love, Wynd

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New! Yellow Post-it Note Keeper Hud

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Loaded with all the features you have come to love about the note keeper huds from Wyndavere’s in Second Life!

The Yellow Post -it note keeper HUD is easy to use and versatile.



Holds over 90+ small notes of 256 characters per note. Great for Dj’s, Club owners, busy builders, teachers and all the rest of  us absent minded folks and the otherwise mad!

The Yellow post-it note is your tiny yellow ribbon on your finger, helping you remember everything!…..ok maybe not everything, but buy it and see for yourself!



Click to shop now!



Stop by Wyndavere’s In SecondLife or Shop online @ Wyndaveres SecondLife Marketplace.