Second Life vintage retro graphic design of metal wings and a blue swirling gem titled - challenges

Challenge Rules

-Challenges are 8 weeks & a maximum of 8 teams, 4 present each week. Final night all 8 will present.
-Teams get private Discord channels, the use of the Velentis build space, & a chance to win 1000’s of L$.

ALL mediums welcome!

This round kicks off April 18th where the audience picked the theme!

“Chatham Street 3991 Challenge”

I know this weird street and they’ve got a problem! Ya see, they collapsed their society. The year is 3991 and you’re a brave knight with a shrink ray, license to kill, and covid shot in your bag of chips.

How will you solve their problem?


  • Deadline
  • Meets
    • Agree to meet for 8-weeks, Sundays @ 4pm – 5:30 on SLT (PST) 4/17- 6/27, 2021 (we will not meet on Mother’s Day, May 9th or Father’s Day June 20th.)
  • Teamwork encouraged!
    • This round is team builds, two brains are better than one and we encourage you to reap all the benefits of teamwork.
  • At meetups you’ll present WIP sketches, imagery, & updates + get valuable feedback from the audience & fellow masterminds.
  • Audience members are welcome at our weekly events.
  • ALL participants & audience members will have the chance to win 500L$ & prizes from our sponsors!
  • Challenge participants get a private Discord Studio channel where you’ll show off your project progress & use fo the Velentis build space.
  • Finale Velentis Presents Show & Tell happens June 27, 2021 @ 4 pm SLT (PST)
    -If you’d like to fill a role, present, co-host, or sponsor a meetup contact Wynd
  • We recommend you get an accountability buddy to keep you motivated.
  • You must be in our Velentis Second Life group to enter challenges.
    -Use Challenge channels to discuss your challenge project.
    -All participants, including our audience- have a chance to win prizes throughout the live events.
    -If you’d like to fill a role, present, co-host, or sponsor a meetup contact Wynd