Thank you to all of you for taking the time to express your gratitude for the services we provide – Wynd Ling

“Whenever I was unsure of things, I would have a good talk with Wynd, and the two of us came up with great brainstorming techniques. She was always there to encourage my creative thinking, while also teaching me techniques to overcome my artistic blocks.” – Casper Whitfield.

Casper Whitefield – Second Life Resident

I’ve known Wynd a long time and she’s always been able to offer constructive critique on projects as well as helping to find ways to help get past a problem.  She is also great at helping to keep on track with goals. – Selina Anatra

Selina Anatra – Owner of SA Designs

Wynd Ling originally worked on marketing materials and HUD(heads up display) textures, materials, ideas, logo and layout, just to name a few things for my Cherry Bombs fitmesh breasts for second life. Product HUD can be seen here: http://thesuccubus.net/second-life-products/cherry-bombs-breasts/#HUD_Overview
Additionally she also designed and created the shop logo with a beautiful image of my character which can be seen here: http://thesuccubus.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/cropped-WordpressLogo2-1024×195.jpg

Wynds work is beyond exceptional and she is dedicated to details, she has gone above and beyond expectations every time I have worked with her.
One of the primary reasons my products have been so successful is due to the time and effort Wynd has put into visual materials and behind the scenes ideas before a product release.
I would highly recommend Wynd Ling for any project you want to be successful.

-Cherry Hotaling

Cherry Hotaling – Owner of The Succubus