Ample Clarity – has a knack for seeing your skills

Wynd Lyng is not your ordinary SL creator. She has something special about her unique knowledge of SL and this special gift of hers comes out soon after talking to her.
She’s knowledgeable in nearly every aspect of creation in SL and brings this knowledge together in ways I have never seen before.

I was fortunate enough to meet her through a mutual friend over 8 years ago. Wynd somehow understood my unique abilities with sculpts (back then) and taught me a unique trick in SL to apply more than 1 texture to 1 sculpted prim. At the time, nobody knew what to do with this knowledge and there were a few products out there using it but nothing special to be honest. The reason being is because of how buggy this trick was. I don’t want to get into the technical details of this but only someone with a thorough understanding of how sculpts worked would be able to use this info. I took what she taught me and made several best selling products with it. A sculpted one prim jacuzzi with the water as a separate face, a kitchen with 2 faces and lots of detail, a potted plant that had a separate texture for the pot and for the plant (the plant had 1,000 textures in the menu), a dinner table that had a tablecloth that could change textures separately from the wood, and lastly, a beautiful piano with a high detailed soundboard. All of this one prim of course.

Back in the age of sculpts, I will say it boldly, I was the master. I understood every technical aspect of scultps and could manipulate them to my heart’s desire. I didn’t want to give this up. I was the best! But without even realizing it, Wynd Ling made me see the light. Scultps had major limitations and those limitations could be made up with mesh. She gave me that push when she said to me that everything I made could be made much better with mesh. I didn’t want to believe her but she was right (with a few exceptions). Sculpts still have their place but mesh was the future!

Wynd has a knack for this. She sees your skills as a creator, finds your strengths, and guides you in a way so you can achieve your greatest potential. She has a gift. She wants to share her gift and second life is blessed to have someone like her!