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Challenge Signup Form

Welcome to the April, 18- June 27, 2021, Chatham Street 3991 Challenge!

Please join us in Second Life on Sundays, @ 4pm SLT (PST)

Thank you fellow future Mastermind for leaping you’ll invent and test your design & presentation skills for a chance to win Linden, prizes, awards, and the honorary title of Mastermind.

Your challenge your way – We welcome ALL mediums in the Challenge: traditional arts, musical, literary, 3D, you name it, you dream it you can use it!

Art is about showing the world a view through your eyes. Show us what it means to you.
Two minds are better than one! his round we’ll be building your collaboration skills to bring your inventions to life.

Whatever meaning you give it, we can’t wait to see it!

The Story

“Chatham Street 3991 Challenge”

I know this weird street and they’ve got a problem! Ya see, they collapsed their society. The year is 3991 and you’re a brave knight with a shrink ray, license to kill, and covid shot in your bag of chips.

How will you solve their problem?

Please review our program line-up community rules, and challenge rules before proceeding.

You’re a Mastermind, you were born to create!
Join us today.