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Velentis Presents – second Mastermind Meet up!

Yesterday, Novemeber 8, @ 4pm SLT (Pst) we brainstormed!

Velentis Presents – Brainstorming!

3ds max 3d cgi model asset The Popcorn Tree model Second Life

This week we brainstormed big ideas and got a quick look at two masterminds at work as they showed off their inspirational rendition of what “It’s a Wonderful Life” is inspiring them to create!

Panundrum presented images of a 1940’s outfit and Kizmut showed a tree while telling us a tale of peace that the tree means to him.

Ashuri, though unable to attend, also submitted his title and inspiration for his interpretation of the times, the magic & the message of the film.

We dove into hard topics, answering the question:

What keeps you from completing your projects?

Even if you could not attend this week’s meet-up, I encourage you to do the exercise on your own & reap the benefits because when we know better we do better.

If we can identify our distractions, fears, & negative self-talk we can begin to catch ourselves in the act, and redirect that energy into succeeding.

Next Sunday, November 15th @ 4pm SLT (pst) is the official launch of our very first Velentis Presents Show & tell! Audience members are both welcomed and encouraged to attend!

Haven’t signed up for the challenge yet?

There’s still time!

Simply submit your project title & brief description on or BEFORE Sunday, November 15th @ 4pm.

Velentis Presents “It’s a Wonderful Life” Mastermind Challenge is an 8 week studio project presentation experience – ALL mediums digital & traditional welcome!

You must be a member of our Second Life group & Discord channel. Full Rules are posted on our Discord Channel! Click the links below to become a Mastermind today!

“It’s a Wonderful Life” Mastermind Challenge signup.