Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek BIG news reveal

Wynkie Wear, the brand that never was has been SOLD!

Sometime ago  I introduced you all to a durpy sock puppet named Wynkie, with the intent of branching off and making a slightly naughty but quite comical line of fashion nobility items.

Fairwell Wynkie, Enjoy your new home.

The truth is while I  really enjoyed working on that branding package and all that went with it, I would like Wyndaveres to stay fresh, clean , romantic.

It feels warm and cozy in here and I would like to keep it that way. Don’t get me wrong I’m not all beds of roses and romance, but I think giving Wynkie his own space, a proper home for his humor is the right move.

So fairwell Wynkie, I know your new owner will  give you all you need to thrive!

Fairwell, but not goodbye of course as the new fella will be opening his store Summer 2018 and promises to bring this brand to full life. Congratulations and enjoy your journey!

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