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Hey there creative masterminds of the interweb,
I’m Wynd Ling and I am here to help you design your home, your virtual world, and your new state mind.

Wynd Ling

I began my creative journey…well, as soon as I could pick up a crayon.
I was the kid who played with Legos, Play-Doh, and drew on every piece of paper (and book) I could get my hands on.


These passions later became my profession as I grew into adulthood and began working in the architectural industry in 2001. My Legos were replaced with bricks and my scribbles became drafted plans as a I studied both psychology architecture growing as an architectural designer(which is fancy speak for an unlicensed architect). To date I have assisted in designing buildings across the globe including courthouses, gov’t buildings, and my knowledge in handicapped accessibility codes enabled me to design 500+ condominium, kitchens, and at least 1200+ bathrooms.


Outside of college and the workplace, I continued to learn.
My hobbies include: graphics/textures/post processed photography in Photoshop, CGI modeling in Auto Cad and 3Ds Max. I utilize my early career skills as a professional model builder, to design furniture and built-ins in my home. I am also passionate about green design by reuse,whole food eating, and mind design.


It was not until the age of 30 that I began to fully use my education in psychology & sociology, as my desire for deeper understanding of self became a focus in a moment of enlightenment. Those valuable lessons learned have been incorporated into my life and have expanded my focus in design beyond designing objects but now also designing minds.


Please join me on this wonderful journey together. All creation begins in the mind of a person with passion who loves them self.


Contact me anytime here at Wyndaveres.com, or on any of the social networks I can be found including twitterG+, and In Second Life.


About Wynd Ling

Creative Designer & Teacher of Virtual worlds and program use, DiY home improvement projects with an emphasis on green design, recycling/reuse projects, and designer minds with a focus on wellness and confidence. My Google Profile
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