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Whoa! Wyndavere’s gets Smacked with a  hack!

I’ve never really understood the reason spammers attack our websites. Perhaps they think all those links will make their own sites rank up? Or maybe it’s the thrill of it?I don’t know, I guess it’s  just another one of those  big mysteries of the internet (shrugs.)

However, What I do know is this. As I watched Wyndaveres.com drop dramatically in rank in the eyes of  Google Gods, It reminded me how very important it is to continually keep watchful eyes over the things we cherish. Wyndavere’s is one of my own passions, my one place I can let the creative me run free.
With Christmas behind us and the New Year fast approaching, I like to use this time to plan for the year ahead.

new years

New Years in Rio, Image Credits: Wikipedia


With the break between the holidays, It’s the perfect opportunity to jot down a few creative goals, so that once the ball drops New Year’s Eve ringing in the new year, you’ll be not only prepared but excited to take action in 2013!

Wishing all the makers, creators, Diy -ers, artists, and Do -ers a happy and Prosperous New Year,

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  1. bloodsong says:

    good luck, wynd! 🙂

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