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If you’ve been following my “sneak peek” Tuesday posts, you’ll know that I am working to build a brand new venue for all of you to enjoy. With this change it was necessary to start a new group for the venue. Please leave the “Wyndavere’s” Second Life group and  I welcome you with open arms to join the NEW “Wyndavere City Group” in Secondlife.

What membership gets you at Wyndavere City:

Exclusive discounts on  select products from Wyndaveres and Wynkie Wear.

Free gifts

Fancy roles/titles respective to your role in the upcoming City.

Share the link and join today! Membership is always FREE.

Wyndavere City Group in SecondLife click to Join!




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Creative Designer & Teacher of Virtual worlds and program use, DiY home improvement projects with an emphasis on green design, recycling/reuse projects, and designer minds with a focus on wellness and confidence. My Google Profile
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