Hiatus, oh I love that word

Dear readers, Though I have been MIA a bit I wanted to  ensure you that  I am here, alive, and full of ideas to share with you!

What’s been keeping me away from the internet and all of you? STORMS, WORK and more WORK!

Storms, the quite appropriately named  storm “Nemo”

came into my yard and thought it would be  fun to toss many trees and branches around my yard while also using my roof (now leaking roof) as its own personal punching bag! I can just  picture  the mythical godlike beast playing in my yard like a toddler in a sand box, crashing and smashing about. My family and I are safe, though the 3 days with now power and a house that was 35 degrees is not an event I will soon forget.

As far as the roof goes, I’m currently interviewing  roofers to pick the best man for the job, it’s a tough choice, each have qualities I like and don’t like, but all in all they seem to know their stuff!

Work, I’ve been busy as heck remodeling,

with hopes to  sell my home in a few years while also designing a passive solar home  to move into. It’s a ton of work on both hands but work I truly just  LOVE to do.

The current DIY project is tiling a kitchen, pantry, bathroom, and side entry floor.

Let me tell ya, it’s ALOT of work. I would  have to say  it’s probably the hardest home improvement project I have ever done.

I laugh every time  I think back to the passage in the Home Depot book that says “novice estimated time 11 hours.”

Boy they low balled that one as it’s taken 2 days just to demo the old floor!  Be kind to next generations and rip up your old flooring BEFORE adding new.

This floor had 1 layer vinyl, then a sub floor, another layer of linoleum  and another layer of sub floor  1 more layer of linoleum and finally the first sub floor.

Mind you these layers are each stapled or nailed 6 inches apart. times that by X layers and you end up with a floor that is nearly impossible to move. As I dug through each layer it was like flipping the pages of a history of flooring book, each layer hoping not to see another while praying to see  hardwood…and unfortunately there was none.

In regard to the new home design I expect it to be a slow process but it’s shaping up!

10 Years of college and finally all those bits of  wood frame construction courses are coming in handy. I’ve worked as an architect/building designer for more than 15 yrs, however it’s all been  in concrete and steel.

I look forward to sharing the remodeling and the designing of the new home with you  throughout the year. If you’ve got questions  send a mail ro leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!



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