first 23 get it free! Photo touch up Service, You, Photoshop-ed for free

That’s right folks FREE. This is your chance to have your photo represent your memory.


Has this ever happened to you?

It’s girls night out! You get dressed, spend 2 hours on nails, hair &  make up then stand in front of tri-fold mirror with a 5X magnification pull out for your face and begin your paparazzi worthy posing session checking out your masterful transformation; Making “OOoo” faces and blowing kisses to the woman in the mirror.

Damn you look  HOT lady!

You and your  fav five divas head out to the club, party the night away, tossing back drinks and having  an awesome time.

Morning comes, HANGOVER time!

morning horror

OMG I look like THAT!?

You climb out of bed tripping over your heels while rubbing your mascara smeared raccoon eyes.

COFFEE !!!  shouts your brain as you brush away your dragon breath and remember the great time you had the night before.
Coffee in hand you turn on you turn on your pc and head straight to G+ / Facebook to view the photos you uploaded from the night’s event.

With a smile on your face you begin to click through the photos checking out the captured moments. Your smile fades quickly, turning to horror, as you begin rubbing a spot on your head to find the large lump shining in the photo while feeling your stomach in search of the roll you did not know existed.

Confusion hits when you can’t find either of them and you frantically scramble to delete the photos from your stream in hopes to never see them again.

Unfortunately, even in this high def age lighting and circumstance still play a role so a photo is not always “worth a thousand words.”

Don’t Be a photo victim!

Let me touch up your photos and restore them to properly capture the memories  that you hold.

The Catch! I get to use your photo in my portfolio

Terms & Conditions of the “first 23 get it free! Photo editing service”

  • By submitting your photo you agree to allow Wynd Ling/ Wyndavere’s  the right to use the photo in my online portfolio.
  • In exchange you get your submitted photo professionally edited for free to use anywhere you like, Facebook, G+ , rel author or frame it and hang it in your den. Do anything you want with it, Except
  • You can not pass it off as your own work, don’t even try it. *winks* thanks

**exclusions** Wynd Ling / Wyndavere’s will not edit any photo containing:
Nudity or illegal activities.
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Regular price is $20.00 USD per photo paid via Paypal.

Types of photo editing services I offer:

  • Color correction/ recoloring
  • touch up of blemishes
  • black and white photo effects
  • frames and vignettes
  • restoration (for your old family photos)
  • slimming and toning
  • elemental removal (remove that  pile of clothing or even your EX!)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In the event you are not completely satisfied with my work, or if  I can not carry out your request,  I will refund you.


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