Because you're special Sunday SaleBecause you’re Special Sunday

Because you’re Special Sunday Sale!

It’s Sunday folks!

The day of rest, the day of giving back to someone special in your life.

Anyone who purchases a gift for someone in their life today from Wyndaveres gets a FREE gift from me, (Wynd Ling) on Monday.

Let’s start a cycle, let’s start a trend, it does not have to be a holiday to show you care, every morning you wake and see their face or hear their voice is a worth telling someone they are special for the moments they share their life with YOU.

Because you're special Sunday Sale

Click to visit Wyndaveres SecondLife Marketplace

Wyndavere’s City in-World is under construction, but you can find my Newest releases already there, but for gift shopping always shop Wyndavere’s Marketplace 

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