Because you’re Special Sunday

Because you’re Special Sunday Sale!

It’s Sunday folks!

The day of rest, the day of giving back to someone special in your life.

Anyone who purchases a gift for someone in their life today from Wyndaveres gets a FREE gift from me, (Wynd Ling) on Monday.

Let’s start a cycle, let’s start a trend, it does not have to be a holiday to show you care, every morning you wake and see their face or hear their voice is a worth telling someone they are special for the moments they share their life with YOU.

Because you're special Sunday Sale

Click to visit Wyndaveres SecondLife Marketplace

Wyndavere’s City in-World is under construction, but you can find my Newest releases already there, but for gift shopping always shop Wyndavere’s MarketplaceĀ 

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Creative Designer & Teacher of Virtual worlds and program use, DiY home improvement projects with an emphasis on green design, recycling/reuse projects, and designer minds with a focus on wellness and confidence. My Google Profile
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