Here in Wyndavere’s Workroom you’ll find a comprehensive list of products I actually use.

Wyndavere’s is not a corporation, I (Wynd ling) am just a person with a modest house, an economy gas saving car, (I drive a Chevy aveo), and a family just like you. By purchasing any of these products through the links below, you’ll get the added bonus of that warm and fuzzy feeling, in knowing that a small percent of your purchase has helped me to continue to provide useful content to you here at

Thanks in advance for your support!


Wellness – Designing Your Mind

Managing your Mind

Useful Guide that helped me to change my life.

Social Intelligence

Learn to be socially observant & Project it

Emotional Intelligence

the minds working together shape our destiny










DiY – Tool box


Home Improvement 1-2-3

The must have guide for the new home owner


Virtual – Programs


3D Figure Pose & Animation Program

AutoCAD Architecture 2012

The Best tool for Architectural Designers









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