“What You Like means Nothing” Worksheet

What You Like means Nothing – Worksheet. Please read “What You Like means Nothing” before using the worksheet

 How to use the Worksheet:

The goal is simply to begin to think more in depth about what and why. From this exercise, you will gain better  understanding as you reveal lies and truths about what you like.


To begin the exercise: Download the worksheet.



In your browser Choose File>Save,then Print or open the worksheet  in any of your preferred .PDF reading programs.
 (I’m using Open office to write this article for you today.  It’s a  completely free program which has just about all of the features that Microsoft Word has.)

Next: Think of something you like.

Since,  we now know some of the most common meanings of  “like” I want you to apply those meanings in effort to further define your intent.

Enter your like the field provided.

I’ll use myself and one of my own likes as an example.

 I like to smoke. (yes it’s unfortunate, and though I strive for perfection, I have not yet reached Mary Poppins status and I am not quite  “practically perfect in every way.”)

Now, use the word in the following sentences,Then decide if the statements are true or false.

  1.  “I approve of “smoking.
  2. “I enjoy” smoking.
  3. Smoking “enables me to do well.”
  4. “I take pleasure in” smoking.
  5. “I want” to smoke.
  6. Smoking “is similar to” _____ .

Choose the few that you find to be true statements.


List the because,” as it applies to the context of the preceding statements.

  • Example : “I enjoy smoking,” because it enables me to:
    • sleep less
    • eat less
    • stress less
    • concentrate more.

Then ask how?

Hmm that gets more tricky to answer, and just like that

I have just hit the first road block in my logic!

My real self analysis begins. This is  where I will eventually learn the truths, or untruths of my original statement.


Examine your like with new eyes, and in effort to reveal the truths buried beneath.

In my indepth exploration I discovered that its not that I like to smoke,but more-so true that I am addicted.

Instead of smoking enabling me to do, I learn that smoking actually keeps me from effectively doing other things I enjoy.

My initial benefits

  • sleep less
  • eat less
  • stress less
  • concentrate more.

are  unveiled as negative effects of smoking.

 Every two hours, like clock work, I go into craving mode. As the nicotine resources deplete my body sends waves of panic to my brain distracting me until finally, I get up, go outside, and have a cigarette. All just so that I can NOT be bothered with distraction.


Therefore, smoking actually negatively impacts my ability to thrive because I am tired , hungry,thirsty,irritable and distracted as my body struggles.

In turn,

making everything I attempt to do more difficult to accomplish, and each task takes longer to complete because my body is looking for it’s basic needs to be met and my brain, through this addiction, is looks for the next fix.

 Once you’ve reached that level of depth, the point where you learn a truth behind what, and why you like whatever it is that you initially stated,

begin to question if it is something worth keeping in your life.

In my example I used something I know I should not be doing, as it poses risks to my livelihood, my health, and my happiness.

For you, maybe it’s not smoking, maybe its drinking, or teaching, playing sports, over eating, dressing sexy, or any number of things.

No matter how simple or complex, it is still worth exploring, questioning, answering and finding the truth.


Print out as many worksheets as you want and use them to organize any number of thoughts. I offer these worksheets Free to you, for your personal use. However, I ask that you not publish them or make them available for download at any other location on the internet.

Good luck to all of you on your journey to self discovery!

Please check back next week for the second article in the wellness series “the grass IS greener on the other side.

– Wynd Ling

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2 Responses to “What You Like means Nothing” Worksheet

  1. bloodsong says:

    this is interesting… but is it going to be that every ‘like’ is really an addiction? if so, wouldn’t that suck all the joy out of life?

    i picked that i like to create. which is VERY important to my mental well-being. but… it IS true that it is a symptom of my addiction to gaining attention (i call it being a ‘fame vampire’ after a bruno the bandit webcomic character).

    i did try to kick this addiction, once. i tried to be self-sufficient and not need/crave validation from other people. but then i read a book by barbara sher, and she suggests using things like this as my motivations. which turns it all around again back to something good.

    if i’m motivated to write to try to get feedback and accolades, etc, then that gets me off my lazy, procrastinating butt and makes me write. right? so i guess you have to balance who or what is in control, here.

    btw: where’s the next chapter?? 🙂

  2. Wynd Ling says:

    As long as you can honestly answer the “why” without a lie to yourself. Than you’ve got it Bloodsong. as far as the article, thanks, I forgot to link it. I’ll correct that for all of you

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