The Grass IS Greener on the Other Side “4 steps to learn how to be open”

In the height of portable device technology It’s ironic that we spend more time indoors than ever before.

Every gadget that gives you mobility also binds you in place, by keeping your eyes constantly looking to your Iphone, Android, or laptop, Our minds are overloaded with the constant flow of information, but the more we see the less we see. The picture as a whole is in sight, but we often overlook the details as our minds and eyes rapidly scan rather than see the details in our environment.

Today, you begin your journey to clarity as you learn how to be open,  and see and feel with new eyes.

Step 1:

Get up, leave your phone and laptop behind and go outside. Look around and make a mental catalog of your environment.

How many cars do you see? are there people?
Just take a few moments then return and read on.

Go now! when you return we’ll move on to Step 2.

If you are reading ahead, Shame on you!
Without having completed Step 1 you are cheating yourself of the experience.

Welcome back Explorer!

Step 2:

Try to recall the items from your environment and write them down. Did you see cars? People? animals? or trees?

Step 3:

Now try to recall specifics about what you saw.

How many cars? Were they parked or moving? what were the colors/makes/models? If you saw people, Were they male or female? Did you see any of their faces and if so were they smiling? talking? on their phone? walking their dog perhaps?

Finding it difficult?

Don’t worry, when I first began mental training I stumbled too, it will all come with practice.
The more you practice, the easier it will be to see, as you become more open.
Take a few moments each day to practice and I promise you it will soon come with ease.

Step 4:

Learn to be open in life through using your new eyes to see with clarity, observe details and paint a more true image of each situations.

I spent this past New Years at a party surrounded by friends. The host and hostess of the party were trying to have a baby.

I always find it funny when couples announce they are “trying” to have children as the simple translation is

hey, we are having tons of sex.

The Husband was very excited to share this news.
His wife , on the other hand looked more fear stricken when approached about the topic.

After the party had ended a few of us shared a car ride home.
One person said,I don’t think that guy realizes that his wife does not want kids.
Most agreed.
However, if they had taken the time to completely observe the details of the picture rather than just basing their opinion on the woman’s reaction , they would have seen that this woman’s sister and both of her parents were also at the celebration.

The woman’s sister was mentally handicapped. She was 22 yet had the mind of an infant. Throughout the party, her elderly parents frequently disappeared to help their child walk to a bedroom where they would undress her and change her diaper.

This overlooked detail paints a very different image of the woman’s reaction. It was not so much that she did not want children, but more so true that when approached, having grown up with a mentally challenged sister, her mind would quickly fill with “what ifs” and fear that she too might bring a child into the world with the same condition.

Once you have learned to be more open,

you will develop a better understand as to how or why each person, including yourself, reacts to a given situation.

Through practice in observation, you will gain patience, empathy, and clarity of thought which will enable you think more clearly, to grow mentally, and to be a happier you.

Thanks for reading!
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