Self Promotion – Am I begging?

The big Question:

“If I Promote my products and services am I a begger?”


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Field of dreams

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2 Responses to Self Promotion – Am I begging?

  1. bloodsong says:

    or… if you’re like me, you just totally suck at advertising. and… coming up with good names… and promo pics… and every time i sit down and try to do a decent job, it ends up taking longer than it took to make the blasted thing i’m trying to advertise!! ;D

    • Wynd Ling says:

      Thanks for the comment Bloodsong!
      So very true, it is for sure where the work begins in our creative process, and for most of us, where the fun ends. If you ever need help I am here. I have been spending a bit of time learning this process. If I want to be successful, if I want folks to see the things I have to offer…it is a valuable skill to learn.

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