Best Practices for the Second Life Builder -Part 2 “How to Texture”

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2 Responses to Best Practices for the Second Life Builder -Part 2 “How to Texture”

  1. JubJub says:

    Excellent technical texture guide.
    I would add one proviso to Sculpt maps… they’re hardly cached at all. Change sim, change location, if the sculpt disappears from SL reality, it’s not cached.
    A deliberate Linden policy to stop people using multiple sculpt map changes to animate (UUID swapping) – the workaround is to keep the maps ‘in view’ but change their transparency to 100%. for more info.

    • Wynd Ling says:

      Thank you So much for that knowledge JubJub.
      A trick I use when dealing with sculpt maps especially when presenting a new build that incorporates sculpts is simply hide a tiny prim on my body or on my land that has all the sculpt maps applied to it acting as a preloader.

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