Adventures in SEO – Feeling the crush of The Search Engine Vs User Friendly content Struggle

It’s Been about 3 weeks since Wyndavere’s opened.
The last time I built a website it was over a decade ago, an artist community called Rendervisions.
So much has changed, long gone are the days and nights of typing long hand html with the recent births of WordPress.CSS styling & WYSIWYG editors.
Wonderful advancements,
however if you are old school,like me, unaware of most of these advancements then you make the mistake of using what you know,
and end up spending 4 hours working on a page just to find out there’s “an app for that” after the fact.

Gone are the days of company reviews of 10 years ago before
Facebook, Second Life,Twitter, Stumbled Upon, Digg and all other popular forms of Social Media existed.
Even search engines themselves have changed.

I’ve been struggling for weeks trying to make Wyndavere’s both user friendly and easy  for all of you to find. Honestly, it’s been an almost overwhelming task, which is why I bring you Adventures in SEO, as I figure many of you might be struggling too.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a term that I was clueless about until a month ago. I don’t know if anyone out there is suffering the same dilemma, wanting to publish beneficial information to the world, but feeling the crushing pressure by the dozens of “you must do this” articles to be seen, but if you are I hope this “you must do this” article helps ease your stresses if even a little.  I think most bloggers/website owners simply start  their first website with the intent to share information about a topic they are passionate about, and  set out to do so honestly.

However, feeling the pressures of the “experts” you find yourself shuffling through page after page for hundreds of hours , becoming stressed and perhaps obsessed about getting the rank and approval of the Google Gods just so we can reach the people who need/want our content. Unfortunately this desire to be seen is counter productive, becoming a distraction from you doing the one thing you absolutely need to do to rank, and that’s to produce USEFUL content.

I’m no expert, I’ve only been at this for 3 weeks as I said above, but these are the basic bits of useful information that seem to be the honest rules of the Search Engine Optimization game.


  • Backlinks
    • Backlinks are links that come from all your followers that share your information on their own blogs or websites by linking back to your useful article or tutorial.


  • Social media sharing 
    • This is all the people who share your information by way of the facebook, G+, Twitter, even e-mail among the many other forms. You’ll want your content to be easily shared, If you are using a WordPress platform like I am, there are a wealth of free plugins to make sharing super easy on your blog.


  • No Follow
    •  if you are externally linking to another website or blog because you need to explain something to your readers like an image, or a definition of an uncommonly used term, but you don’t know enough about that website to give it your spam free stamp of approval, simple add the no follow attribute to your code and Google will not count the link in the linked website’s page ranking. More importantly you will not risk that webpage’s reputation impacting your own credibility.  Basically if you don’t if website is friend or foe use the no follow in your code.
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Link text</a>
  • Affiliates/Adsense
    •  Many people will swear by Adsense, however I prefer affiliates, simply because I only want to show you products I actually use and have tested personally.  The goal is to limit how many ads you show. The more you show the higher the risk is that your visitors and Google will categorize your website as being all about the money, and less about content. Wyndavere’s actually will have a wide variety of content so I personally do not know how I will work out this balance on this website. Having the 3 categories, Wellness, DiY, and Virtual, might seem to vast a scope to some  but these are not only the topics I am passionate about but I genuinely feel that the You, your environment, and your virtual world work together as a triangular pyramid of the parts that make up each of your lives. 


  • Titles
    • Google strives harder every year to ensure that their customers receive the best content related to their search terms. They want their computerized search engine to “think” like a human brain. Unfortunately computers and software work less on intuition and more on logic to generate information, so as web site owners and bloggers we have to make our titles friendlier for both humans and the engines searching for them.My suggestion is be literal, but enticing to your audience as well.  Instead of calling your page/article “360 dolly go round”, which is unclear to both human and the search engines quite literally say what you mean,  “Everything you need to know about dolls- collecting, storage, cleaning and market value.  To help you find that balance I do recommend using Google Keyword, it’s free and will allow you to type in any combination of words and see how often the phrase or word is searched for by a human, then tailor your title to be simple enough for the search engine and the human user behind the screen to know that you have the information they need.


  • Internal linking
    •  These are links to your own pages/articles within your website, providing your visitors with east ways to see related articles within the same domain.   Anchor links work similarly but rather than be across a website they stay within the same page, like the commonly used “Top of Page” link that allows a user to easily scrolled to different paragraphs of information on the  same page .


  • Descriptions
    • On every link, page, post, or image you have an opportunity to give a short description to let users and Google know what the particle item is about, USE IT. With the ever growing popularity of hand held devices you should also make use of alternate text when using image links. Alternate text enables your visitors understand your content should they be viewing your website on a poor connection or simply prefer text only viewing.


  • Keywords
    •  Google does not seem to care much about how many  or even which keywords you jam into your meta tags and headers. Now a days,  they care about your content, the body of your pages, as they should, because that is the one thing your visitors come for. They don’t come for your flashy entrance page, they come for your content. Personally I dislike entrance pages and I leave every website that has one simply because I am impatient.


  • Don’t treat your website like a tweet.
    • Google and users alike do not come to your website to read 100 words, they want valuable content that does not waste their time so don’t treat your website the way you tweet. I would not suggest writing 4000 word articles, but do take the time to give deeper insight, showing your visitors that your content has value, by putting time and effort into exploring the topic you are producing. From my research it seems that goal should be about 900-2000 words, less and it is not enough information, more and you’ll lose your viewer having bored them and they’ll never reach the end. If the article must be very long I suggest breaking it up with page breaks, or publishing it in a 2-3 part post.


  • Content
    •  The most simple and most pure way to rank up is to provide useful content to your visitors. I am guessing if you are starting to build a website, like me, then you are here because you have a passion for something that you want to share with the rest of the world.  Write it,  share it and your visitors will appreciate it, feel your passion through your words and begin to share it , like it, G+, and even e-mail it to their colleges, friends and family. Google will like you and refer you to others too.

I am just starting to build a website like many of you and I will be updating this page as I encounter and learn along my journey. I hope that you who are struggling  over the same hurdles with me have found this  information useful. If you have please share this article with others who are struggling too, or check out my other articles “What you Like means Nothing”

Thanks for sharing your time with me.



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