10 ways Second Life can help your Business


Most of you have seen the  traditional media exploit the not so beautiful parts of Second Life.

The One that specifically comes to mind for me is the full page,
full color article and image published by “The Metro”(a free paper distributed in the Boston metro area)

that showed a man’s photo, his wife’s photo and  the photos of his avatar and  Second Life wife of who his real world wife did not know existed.


Unfortunately television and newspaper media prefer to exploit the less pretty parts of life, like the guy who snatched a purse but no mention of the one who walked an old woman across the street.

Today I’ll be talking about 10 unique ways you can use Second Life to benefit  your business.

Unlike G+, facebook, or even forums, Second Life enables you to meet “face to face” with your peers, co-workers, and clients.

  1. Meet with Clients: Second Life enables to you meet face to face with prospective clients and current clients across the world. With the voice, chat, and media capabilities you can sit in a boardroom or even in a forest surrounded by unicorns and have a meeting, similar to Google+ “Hangouts”, or the ever growing popularity of “Goto Meeting.”
  2. Get Education: Attend college level courses for a minimal fee @ Harvard, Stanford, and many other Ivy league universities and even get FREE training from the many residents (including myself) who offer lessons and one on one training (though I do recommend tossing some Linden tips in appreciation for their time and information.)
  3. Visit Museums: Not everyone can fly into NY and see the latest display of Escher, but you can go to the galas and openings that are often duplicated by these museums for the Second Life residents, where you can network with others in the art industry.
  4. Brainstorm: Meet with your design team and through media resources you can scribble on white boards or build models on the fly to hash out ideas for your designs. Especially useful for the design industry.
  5. Promote: Hold a lecture, while utilizing an audio stream and speak to your public, and because Second Life is free you’ll  have NO bills of other such services.
  6. Webinar: Stream your live video right into Second Life while allowing your audience to post questions in both chat or voice. Some fo the other online services can cost you up and over $100 usd a month even if you only use it once.
  7. Test bed: If you are working on SEO or other marketing ventures use Second Life as a test bed for your marketing ideas. Remember, since it does have searchable database, than , like Google, you cna test your keywords, ads and more.
  8. Start a test business: Second Life is an entrepreneurial hot bed. It costs you nothing to start a business so that you can translate the lessons you learn and apply those lessons to business outside of  Second Life.
  9. Start a business: If you are a cgi artist, graphics artist, photo editor or even a programmer, you can stand to make real Money. Lindens (the Linden Labs official currency of Second Life) has a real world exchange rate, so you can cash out, converting your Lindens into USD or other currencies and send it to your PayPal account. Pretty cool huh?
  10. Sell your Services: I remember back in 2007 when I first became a resident of Second Life  I purchased my  virtual land from a Coldwell Banker representative. Even AA, and psychologists have offices, enabling them to meet with patients, helping them with constant availability and interaction.
  11. Bonus!! Social Networking on the go:  Second Life now has Feeds for it’s residents, post news photos, and promotions and your “followers” can log in to my.secondlife.com to send privatye messages or even public notifications with friends and followrers.

So there ya have it, 10 ways Second Life can help you in Business. 

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5 Responses to 10 ways Second Life can help your Business

  1. Oh nice article! It’s great to see some good advice regarding (RL) businesses in Second Life. All these are excellent suggestions. I personally prefer #8, which should appeal to anyone believing it’s easy to start a business anywhere — just open shop and expect people to walk in. Well, if you believe that, try it on SL first, you’ll see it’s not so easy.

    #9 is a must for anyone who thinks they’re ‘serious’ creative artists/designers/modellers, and I’m actually aghast knowing how many people — some of them my friends! — who have lost their jobs and are pining at home, waiting for the ‘perfect’ job, while watching TV or YouTube videos and complaining that ‘nobody requires their talents any more’. If I had the least talent in 3D content creation, no job (and thus lots of free time!) I wouldn’t hesitate a microsecond… even a few L$ earned here and there add up! It’s easy to start — the SL Marketplace costs nothing — and you can expand and grow as quickly as you’re able to create compelling content. And, who knows, all those items sold in SL can be used as a future portfolio for a potential interviewer. “What was your last job?” — “I designed digital content for Second Life users and made US$2,500 a month just from that”. What could be better for a potential employer to tell them that you have the ability to catch the attention of thousands of users appreciating your work and willing to buy your content??

    I can only hope that this article of yours gets liked, +1’ed, and tweeted like crazy 🙂

    • Wynd Ling says:

      Thanks for your comments and additional knowledge for the visitors Gwyneth! I am both a laid off architect and a designer/ content creator for Second Life too!

  2. Wynd Ling says:

    Through content creation sales my Lindens$ paid for my domain and hosting

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