Wynd’s Tips #5 OMG double transparency is killing my SecondLife product!

Oh the whoas of Secondlife Content creation. I wish there was a clear-cut guide so we wouldn’t  have to dig through the bargain bin trying to find the magic  answers! Alas, we don’t so


A while back, I was contacted by a fellow SecondLife content creator who’d been banding his poor noggin for days trying to solve the mystery on why his beautiful mesh sail on his recently uploaded mesh boat did not appear to be there. This is  a reoccurring issue in SecondLife, it just hates double transparencies. When one is in view of the other, lets say your lacy dress with sheer jacket, the overlay of these 2 transparencies  compete leaving you a flickering mess causing mass seizures to all those who are unfortunate enough to catch  you in their gaze.

But wait Wynd, I did not upload a alpha !  Wait?! you didn’t, oh but you did.

Everytime you choose .png instead of .jpg you are uploading a alpha file. Don’t fret though, the solution is built right into SecondLife (how cleaver of them .)

Wynds tips #5 control transparency issues

Wynd’s Tips #5

To fix your .png and force it to be truly opaque simply follow these steps

  • R-click edit the model that you have applied your texture to.
  • Then go to the  “texture” tab and change alpha blending mode to “none.” Whallah! No more transparency issues!
  • Sit back and marvel at your creation with all it’s intended beauty!

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