Wynd’s Tips #4 SEO it’s for SecondLife too!

Wynd's Tips #4

SEO Search Engine Optimization




SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you! If you Optimize it they will come!

Second Life is a search Engine no different from Google. Grab your customers & the SL Search engine’s attention by giving your products User-friendly/Search Engine friendly Names, descriptions, & don’t forget to check off the “Show in Search” option on every new creation! Be Seen & Heard!

If you don’t know what Search Engine Optimization is, think of it as the thesis statement to sum up a story. You want the search engine and  your customers to know exactly what it is you have to sell , at a quick glance. Pick the most important Words for both people and the Sl search to know what it is you are selling and why they should buy it.

Look for a Full 2 part series for both in-world products and  SecondLife Marketplace listings  Next Tuesday and then the second part  2 weeks from then.

OOooorr you can even contact me in world for a one on one chat over a cup of coffee at Wyndavere’s in SecondLife.


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