Best Practices for the Second Life Builder Part 1- Know your Impact

Best practices for the Second Life Builder – Part 1 – Know your impact.

Oh Linden Gods, I love you for enabling the creative people of the world to come and adorn our lives with  their visions. However, you sure are awful at giving the 101 basics to ensure new builders design beautiful AND Grid friendly creations. I searched the basic user guide and everything is covered…except creation!? shame on you!

"the Second Life" edit window

The Second Life Edit window, Know Your Impact
Best Practices for the Second Life Builder

Future builders of Second Life, we welcome you!

Use this lesson as a basic checklist to ensure your builds don’t bust, or worse, become unsellable.

To kick off the lesson I want to  talk about “Land Impact”, formerly known as PE (Prim equivalent) and formerly formerly known as Prim count.

An object’s “Land Impact” is a number representing how much of your total “Parcel land capacity” a build will suck up.

“Land capacity” is the allowable “Prims” a parcel can  support.
Size DOES matter, the bigger the parcel, the more Prims allowed.
Use the chart below for common parcel area, perimeter dimensions and Prim allowances.

What you need to know about “Land Impact” BEFORE Building your first creation:

  • Parcels are usually square sections of land area. Though, in rare cases, they can be very obscure  proportions to follow the curvature of a road as found on “Mainland.”
  • Prims, Sculpties, and Meshes all have  Land Impact, the only case  in which an Object does not deduct from a Parcel Land Capacity is when it is worn by resident, a live, person controlled avatar.
  • DO NOT use temp rezzers scripts to manipulate the Land Impact of your build. It’s bad practice and many Sim owners do not allow these kind of objects,. as they effect your neighbors and the performance of the Sim. As complaints and reports of false advertising pile up, you will wreck your reputation and worse, you’ll lose the trust of your customers!
  • Build smart. The lower your Land impact the more sales you’ll make. The average land holders in Second Life hold between 2048²(468 Parcel Land capacity) and 4096²(937 Parcel Land Capacity.) Anyone can build, but it takes skill to build low prim. Use tricks to keep the total count as low as possible. Sure you can build a house with a 700 Land Impact, but you’ll be missing out on ½ of your total possible sales. Who cares how beautiful the end result is if no one can furnish it!
  • Linkset, the total simple objects that a single object can be grouped with, is 256 Land Impact. Anything over this number will require you to have a multi object, that is pieces that are not permanently linked, causing you to use  rezzing (not temp rezzing) systems so that your customers can move and place the total build at once.
  • Perimeters. Pay close attention to your perimeter sizes as they appear on then chart below. If your target  customer has  a  2048² parcel, then you’ll want to make sure your build fits on it.
  • Lastly, get help. Even an experienced CGI modeller/designer coming to Second Life really needs a good mentor. Join a builders group, search the Second Life Wiki, or even contact me directly. I’m always available to talk shop, just bring the coffee and I’ll fill your mind and teach you what ever tricks I know!

Common area, proportions &  Parcel land Capacities:

* indicates duplicate area w/different proportions.

512 ² = 16 m x 32 m Parcel Land capacity = 117 1/64 Sim
1024 ² = 32 m x 32 m  Parcel Land capacity = 234 1/32 Sim
1536 ² =  32m x 48 m Parcel Land capacity = 351
2048 ² = 48 m x 48 m   Parcel Land capacity = 468
2048  ² =  32 m x 64 m Parcel Land capacity = 468*
 2560 ² =  32m x 80 m Parcel Land capacity = 585
3072 ² =  48 m 64 m Parcel Land capacity = 702
4096  ² =  64 m x 64 m  Parcel Land capacity = 937 1/16 Sim
4096 ² =  32 m x 128 m  Parcel Land capacity = 937* 1/16 Sim
6144 ² =  64 m x 96 m  Parcel Land capacity = 1406
8192 ² =  64 m x 128 m Parcel Land capacity = 1875 1/8 Sim
12288 ² =  64 m x 192 m  Parcel Land capacity = 2812
16384 ² =  128 m x 128 m  Parcel Land capacity = 3750 1/4 Sim
20480 ² =  128 m x 160 m  Parcel Land capacity = 4687
24576 ² =  128 m x 192 m Parcel Land capacity = 5625
32768 ² =  128 m x 256 m Parcel Land capacity = 7500 1/2 Sim
49152 ² =  192 m x 256 m Parcel Land capacity = 11250 3/4 Sim
49152 ² =   128 m x 256 m +128 m x 128 m Parcel Land capacity = 11250 3/4 Sim*
65536 ² =  256 m x 256 m  Parcel Land capacity = 15000 Full Sim


Please note : Homesteads and Open Space Sims have reduced performance and Parcel Land capacities.  As a  builder you just need to be mindful and always shoot for the lowest Parcel Impact possible on your builds, without sacrificing quality of your work.

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Look for part 2 in the Second Life builders series coming Next Wednesday.




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