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Crates & stock boxes pallets and packaging factory supplies100% mesh who knew stock and crates could be so sexy!

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Earlier this year  I started to reinvent and redesign Wyndavere’s SecondLife inworld store, a project I am still slowly evolving. I want a more real world feel where customers could browse shelves and displays creating a true shopping experience.

I believe we lose something when we design our Second Life in world stores to be little more than  3d webpages. I did this for years too! Lets face it, it’s just easier to make the same AD  for the marketplace and reuse it on the walls of our inworld stores.

Breaking away from that simplicity, definitely doubles the work but I think  what your customers gain in experience is well worth the extra efforts!

I started with my huds, transforming their packaging and displays to resemble the  doll and software packaging.  (I’m a Barbie dolls collector and a gamer in the real world.)

Later I meshed out some fancy price tags with buttons and ribbons to supply the customer with all the important information about the products on display.  Next I worked on crates and pallet stocks. Yes these boxes and crates still have image labels to show you whats inside, but it’s a happy medium the yin and the yang, pretty displays married with the necessary info that customers need to make informed purchases.

A funny thing happened when I did this, I started getting requests not for the products in the packages but for my packaging itself! Wait you want the packaging I thought?!


I would have never thought there would be such an outcry for  what started as the wish to beautify my little nook of the world, but I am delighted to know that I stand in a crowd of many who also want their worlds to be just a little more immersive.  Being a believer in the Robots     quote “See a need fill a need”   I couldn’t ignore the outcry.

After a few tweaks to make the packaging more user-friendly, I am proud to present you with the “Crates and Stock pack!”

Crates & stock boxes pallets and packaging factory supplies

Crates & Stock


Stop by Wyndavere’s inworld  and pick up the Crates and Stock pack today!

If you’re stuck in your cubicle at work pop on over to the marketplace and pick these up today!

Aged wood pallets for secondlifeStacking the stock

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Pallets Pallets Pallets!

Stack ’em, flip ’em, hang ’em, decorate your home with ’em. These industrial wooden slats have literally exploded across the internet in recent years.


Like all it’s predecessors, the great recession of 2008 crushed our way of life.

The only  “great” thing about it is that each depression/recession  brings great innovation.   Turning our pocket inside out only to find a ball of lint  in its crease, makes us not want more, but instead it makes us innovate, and create new uses for the things that already exist.  This is not only true this time around , but historically as far back as you can  trace, invention are always born, bringing change, only after a fall from grace.

This time around the pallet was at the core of  many creations. It’s been turned into coffee tables and growing racks, shelves and flooring and heck it’s even become a house!

Paying proper homage to these gloriously useful tools, I honor you pallet,   with my very own 100% mesh creation!

Aged wood pallets for secondlife

Click to purchase on the Marketplace

The aged wooden pallets have hand-painted aged wood textures,

In the pack you get 2 styles and 6 types. quarter, half, and full flange pallets + quarter, half, and full standard pallets each just  1 land impact each.

You also get a prefab stack that is a 3 land impact linkset.

Purchase them In-world @ Wyndavere City or on the Secondlife Marketplace

Look for the “blonde” and the “whitewashed” pallets coming in the next few weeks!

Thanks, and as always, have an awesome day!