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Crates & stock boxes pallets and packaging factory supplies100% mesh who knew stock and crates could be so sexy!

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Earlier this year  I started to reinvent and redesign Wyndavere’s SecondLife inworld store, a project I am still slowly evolving. I want a more real world feel where customers could browse shelves and displays creating a true shopping experience.

I believe we lose something when we design our Second Life in world stores to be little more than  3d webpages. I did this for years too! Lets face it, it’s just easier to make the same AD  for the marketplace and reuse it on the walls of our inworld stores.

Breaking away from that simplicity, definitely doubles the work but I think  what your customers gain in experience is well worth the extra efforts!

I started with my huds, transforming their packaging and displays to resemble the  doll and software packaging.  (I’m a Barbie dolls collector and a gamer in the real world.)

Later I meshed out some fancy price tags with buttons and ribbons to supply the customer with all the important information about the products on display.  Next I worked on crates and pallet stocks. Yes these boxes and crates still have image labels to show you whats inside, but it’s a happy medium the yin and the yang, pretty displays married with the necessary info that customers need to make informed purchases.

A funny thing happened when I did this, I started getting requests not for the products in the packages but for my packaging itself! Wait you want the packaging I thought?!


I would have never thought there would be such an outcry for  what started as the wish to beautify my little nook of the world, but I am delighted to know that I stand in a crowd of many who also want their worlds to be just a little more immersive.  Being a believer in the Robots     quote “See a need fill a need”   I couldn’t ignore the outcry.

After a few tweaks to make the packaging more user-friendly, I am proud to present you with the “Crates and Stock pack!”

Crates & stock boxes pallets and packaging factory supplies

Crates & Stock


Stop by Wyndavere’s inworld  and pick up the Crates and Stock pack today!

If you’re stuck in your cubicle at work pop on over to the marketplace and pick these up today!

SecondLife INWORLD SEO (Search Engine Optimization) -Be Seen and Heard

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Welcome to the World of Search Engine Optimization! “SEO” for short, making your products/venues  titles, descriptions, and keywords work for you AND your Customers.

Don’t worry we won’t get to technical about servers and algorithms! But, if you want YOUR products to  bring in those big L$ Linden L$  Dollars then this article is for you!

The SecondLife search looks at 5 parts to determine your rank.

  1. popularity (visitors to your shop)

  2. size of parcel (the bigger the better)

  3. Name (your name or your store’s name)

  4. Object name

  5. your object description (same applies for venues)

You have little control over popularity, until of course, you break into the market by following the few steps we’ll cover here!

In just a few short steps  you’ll:

  • up rank your product ranking in the Secondlife Search
  • be seen by the RIGHT people who actually WANT to buy your products
  • Get more customers
  • and of Course make more Lindens!

Arrgggg AD making!

Humans are visual! This is especially important to all of us in our virtual home in SecondLife,  so put your best face forward!

Learn to LOVE making ads!

You can have the MOST AMAZING product but if it’s presentation through photography or display is poor

NO ONE will buy it!

I’ve seen it time and time again even from some of the best of the best creators in Secondlife. They spend countless hours pouring  passion into their products, then comes ad time and they snap a shot, pick a font, and toss the ad together in 2 minutes and expect to bring in the L$!

Stop making yourself feel like crap! If you make great things SHOW them with your displays and Ads!


Take the time…I mean REAL time and put as much effort into your ADs as you do the product itself. If you aren’t great at photography or AD layouts you are in LUCK as photography happens to be the biggest profession in SecondLife so grab someone who is good at it and go forth!

Now that I have lectured you in ad making let’s get to the good stuff!

Packing a product for Optimization.

The Awesome Box

The Awesome Box

Step 1 – the Product

  • Name every object in the linkset of your build!
  • Root Prim should be the product title. Titles for search engines look at the first 60 characters so make sure you choose the words wisely.
  • USE the description. The SecondLife search engine will look at the first 160 characters of your description so make this keyword rich!
  • Last and most importantly  on the SecondLife EDIT popup on the “General” tab  check the “show in search” box. Anytime your creation is in world the SecondLife Search Engine will pull the Object name, description info, and even the objects location anytime someone searches for a product using the in world “search.”

Step 2 – The Package (repeat the last 3 parts from Step 1)

  • Package title should match your product title. Titles for search engines look at the first 60 characters so make sure you choose the words wisely.
  • USE the description. The SecondLife search engine will look at the first 160 characters of your description so make this keyword rich!
  • Last and most importantly  on the SecondLife EDIT pop-up on the “General” tab  check the “show in search” box.
  • SET product for Sale and place it in world at your store.

Step 3 – Wait a day and test out your rank.

  • Do a search in world using one or all of your keywords see where you rank.
  • If you can’t find your product in the search then you need to reconsider your product name and description. work, and rework it until you see your rank rise. First page listing is your goal

Final notes:

Remember it starts with a good product! Be creative have fun, and take control of your marketing!

Good Luck, Wynd Ling

If you want to learn how to apply these steps to the market place pop back in to Wyndaveres in 2 weeks and check out the  “SecondLife Marketplace SEO”  article.





Wynd On the farmBeing Born. Second Life

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Secondlife is a virtual world created by the tens of millions of residents, located across the globe, who live there. The name it actually misleading, as I don’t think it is a “Second” Life so much as it is an extension of the tangible world or life itself. I’ve honestly rewritten this article more than a half dozen times, simply because Second Life is an  individual  venture, built on personal exploration, choices, and relationships making it a completely different experience from one person to the next.


I can only tell  you about Second Life as I have lived it, the ways in which it has  impacted my own life both personally &  professionally.  I  hope this article is successful at telling the tale with as much passion as I feel for this world, as it is one of the two  greatest contributors to how I became the person I am today.

Wynd On the farm

       I first heard of Second Life in 2007, while working as an architecture designer.  An e-mail landed in my  inbox that talked about a lecture that was being held in the virtual world, entitled What is Second Life and why Architects should take notice.

         In addition my work in architecture,  I was also the co-founder of an online artist forum and gallery,,  that at its peak reached over 30,000  artists from all mediums with talents including traditional arts and architecture, literary arts, and cgi modeling,2d graphic design and animation. Those interests along with my love of video games, creating 3d cgi models and textures in my free time, and my passion for teaching design, lead me to my own birth into Second Life, as Wynd Ling.

         I became a resident of Second Life, rezzed as we residents call it,   on February 23, 2007.It was exciting yet almost overwhelming. It was/is an entrepreneurial hotbed of design and talent. I saw an entire world filled with both  creatives & socialites alike. An landscape decorated with nightclubs where you can attend  live shows. Discussions and lectures held in classrooms. Movie theatres, homes, bandstands, parks, cafes’, shopping malls, stores, forests, and open fields, something for every walk of life to enjoy.  Not only a world of  model and texture, but a world created completely by it’s residents, utilizing their real world  skills in 3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, clothing design, shoe design, architecture and a wealth of other disciplines, each design as varied as the places in  the world the residents came from. Each design as unique as the tangible world allows and some things not quite possible to achieve in the tangible world at all.

Naturally, I went back to Rendervisions and told all the artists there what I had seen.

Imagine a world where you did not create for static scenes, still renders, and fictional characters, bound by the limitations of building code and material. Instead, a place where your only limitation was that of your own imagination. A place where your neighbor lived in the house you designed, his son wore the shoes you crafted, your best friend designed the hairstyle that you would later wear to the gala where your colleague would show their paintings and  you would be entertained by  the live singing of his wife.


           For the first time in our four years interacting, the artists of Rendervisions could sit face to face with our peers and design in real time, sketch, build, brain storm ideas, and get instant feedback from one another.We could  teach in a classroom more closely related to real then  webinar style environment could offer, helping each student grow as we interacting with then; enabling lessons to be taught more quickly and connections to form as we could have never achieved  before. This constant stimulation and interaction brought my creativity to new levels, opening my mind and benefited me as an architect, a designer, a student and a artist.

         With my new eyes, I was able to design at  an almost unimaginable pace; fast, precise, and well thought out,cohesive buildings.These skills lead to my promotion in the workplace, and as a student,  I gave a flawless presentation to a board of five architects, leaving not one student in the room, nor  instructor  or critic  room for one negative comment on my final presentation that school year. However, it is not  the creative venture alone that makes me so passion about this world but the precious gifts it gives to each person who enters it.

         The other day I was sitting in a lounge in Second Life just relaxing after a very long day. A woman messaged me , curious about a small line of text in my profile biography. It is not a quote from a book, movie or famous personality but one in which I coined. It gives small insight to second reason I am so passionate about  the benefits of Second Life. It reads “Though our skin is painted, our hair made of prims, we are more real here then in the tangible world. “

        When we meet someone in the tangible world our brain opens a file and begins to catalog information about that person. . Without even speaking to them our brains document what our eyes see. This person is tall or short, pretty or unattractive, fat, thin,old…young…in good shape…handicapped and so on. We don’t put much active thought into it really at all. None-the-less, our brains are building an image so that later, should we meet this person again, we can call upon that memory and connect who they are with the image our eyes lead our minds to perceive.

      In a virtual world, one where the  face and form can change in an instant, you have nothing but a personality, and a mind full of thoughts to build your memory on. You are not a color, a race, a sex, elderly, or handicapped, you are just you. You are your personality & the thoughts  in your mind,  free to live without restriction of what natures form has chosen for you.

      An elderly couple can dance the night away as if they were 20 years old again. A military family can curl up on a sofa and share a bucket of popcorn no matter how far apart they are stationed. A man bound in a wheelchair can run a race, and I can share a cup of coffee on a winters morning, with a woman in a cafe’ from New Zealand, while she is ending her summer’s day.

One could argue “but  Wynd, it’s not real”, but I could also argue, that “all feelings and experiences begin in the mind, so if you can think it you can truly feel each experience and interaction no matter which world you choose to have that experience in.”

In short, we all become less bias, our minds evolve becoming more open, and through this we become a free, united world.

Wynd Ling

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