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Wyndaveres + Wynkie Wear releases

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This week I have 2 products for you all ! Something for the builders and something for the beauties.

Let’s talk about the builders pack  first.

A few years back a very special friend’s rezday was upon us and sometimes a store purchased gift just won’t do. I tossed and turned for a few nights trying to figure out the perfect gift and finally it hit me, what would a person who loves all things fantasy and with a name like Cherry love most of all? A cherry tree bed of course! Well I worked my butt off  for a week or two and  delivered the special gift to her just in time for the big day (phew!)

Some time after, Stroker of SexGen saw the bed and expressed his love for it saying “It’s the most beautiful bed I have seen.”


I was so flattered by the compliments that later lead to the merging of his system with my modeling and it was put on the market for other fantasy lovers to enjoy.

With the birth of Mesh is SecondLife I have since discounted this bed permanently from its original 4495 price to only 780 and now I am proud to share a FULL PERMS builders pack with all my fellow creators to enjoy and I can’t wait to see your spins on this twisted pack of vines. The Pack is for Sale with license to enhance your own creations with exception of selling the sculpt maps themselves.

FULL PERMS Builders KIt Vine bed

FULL PERMS Builders Kit Vine bed


Also this week @ Wynkie Wear I have “Lina” A beautiful full bottom figure that will add curves to your bottom and thighs matched with a SL classic avatar face that screams I am strong, I am woman I am the creator of the human race. This pack comes with mod/copy Shape, Brow Shape, Style card, and physics. Grab a demo, test her with your favorite mesh bodies and tweak the mod/copy shape to perfectly suit your particular tastes.

Don’t forget to check out Angeli too, Shes a lovely fuller figured vintage doll.

Lina SecondLife avatar Shape featuring SelinA Mesh body

Lina SecondLife avatar Shape featuring SelinA Mesh body (get it here)

Angeli Vintage SecondLife avatar shape

Angeli Vintage SecondLife avatar shape

Watch out!

More products are released every Thursday

Excluding holiday weeks and vacations 🙂

Note: Wynkie Wear products are only available on the SecondLife Marketplace as I work to build  a proper in world  home to house them all.

Have Fun! and Enjoy your Second Lives!


SA Mesh Body for SecondLifeNov.3,2015 Sneak Peek Mesh Body

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I love my workshop! Not just because of the projects that keep my brain alive and my fingers creating but because I also  get to meet, interact, and lend a hand to so many talented mesh creators across Secondlife. One of those wonderful creators is Selina Anatra ,an amazing mesh creator in SecondLife.

Selina’s a hermit by nature who spends most of her hours in a sandbox, but her talents are known  across the grid. Selina’s highly sought after ,superb quality custom mesh creations are the staple of quality creation!

Under the purple canopy @ Her store SA, you’ll see even more examples of her work from vehicles to adults toys to play with. When she’s not buried in a project she lends her knowledge helping the many who use  Caspervend in the  Caspertech group.

SA Mature SecondLife store

SA inworld Secondlife Store

Ohh wait this is Sneak peek! So I bet you are dying to  know about this mesh body. We’ll I can’t give all the secrets away but here is a shot of this beautiful babe!

SA Mesh Body for SecondLife


The SA  fitmesh body comes with a ton of options! With the use of the SL shape sliders the figure has endless options, making it the perfect figure for every woman in SecondLife.

If you are a petite framed modest muse, a voluptuous vixen or even a proud, expecting mama this fitmesh body is for you!

Check back often for updates as I show more tantalizing details about the highly customizable, fitmesh body by SA.

Wyndavere's brand new mesh packaging boxFeb 3,2015 Sneak Peek

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Throughout my SecondLife and professional career in the arts I’m always asked “Hey Wynd whatcha working on?”

I  think general human curiosity breeds and beckons us to always want to learn a bit more about someone or something.  In response to that question,  I proudly present “Sneak Peek Tuesday.”

Sneak Peek Tuesday is the one day I open the doors to my workshop and allow all of you to have a look around and see what’s going on inside my scatter brained mind.

Some weeks it may be a sketch, others a model or a new product coming for my Thursday release.

So, welcome  to my workshop where the coffee is always hot and the stacks of sketches reach the ceiling!


To kick off the series I wanted to show off my brand new product package, ya know those  shopping bags or wrapped up gifts you get when you make purchases in SecondLife? Well this is my Box!


Wyndavere's brand new mesh packaging box

Click to enlarge


It’s Mesh, It’s 1 Li(land impact) and it’s even scripted and animates you!

Look for it when  you shop at one of my affiliate franchise stores!

Thanks for visiting and Yes, I dragged you through the piles of paper and may have even spilled my coffee on you just to tell you about a box  HAHA!

Happy Shopping, Wynd


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