Jan. 24,2017 Sneak Peek The box!

So what’s happening folks? Today is the special day where Wyndaveres welcome all of you into the work shop!  We’ve got quite a lineup of of goodies today and a useful; FUN creation that will be yours to enjoy in the coming weeks!

First things first, lots of fun events! Wyndavere city is part of the great Ren Faire sim, a special home & group for creatives and non creatives to mingle and help each other out.

We creators NEED YOU!

We’d be balling our eyes in a corner if there was no socialites and shopaholics  to create for, it’s true I’ve seen it… and it’s oh so sad!

Thank goodness you also need us!

Neither of creators or socialites would have  much fun in SecondLife without one another.

Imagine, a blank world and all of us standing there…naked! and and…as NOOBS! omg the horrors!

This brings me to the very first sneak peek of the week, the  box! This is no ordinary box but  a way to open your minds and explore possibilities. “The box” as we’ll cleverly call it needs a name!

Sneak Peek Jan 2017 Secondlife creations


What’s the big idea?

The box will allow residents to drag and drop notecards.

In this case your event ideas! Think of fun events you’d like to take part  in and tell us all about them.

They can be social events or parties, build competitions, challenges, you name it, this is your  wish and we want to hear  all about your ideas!

Later a raffle drawing will occur. We’ll gather and do a live drawing picking a random winner form the  submissions.

Once a winner is announced, rules will be  given  and/or deadlines announced and then it’s ready set go! Off to creating sets, scenes; preparing all the things needed to have the most successful and FUN event possible.

Without getting to technical here is a brief list of features you’ll have with the box.

  • Manager list – ad remove by local scan of residents near by
  • raffle/draw – draw a randomly selected winner, the box will announce the creator and title of the winning notecard.
  • approve/discard – read and weed out the non-applicable notes tossed int he box. approved notecards can be read by others and are eligible for the raffle drawing.
  • set the box to group or all.
  • Info – directions on how to use the box.

I’m really looking forward to bringing this project to You. Thanks for stopping by Wyndaveres!

I want to hear from you!

Want to name the box? Drop me a note in Secondlife or Send me a message !

I know you’ve got loads of event ideas too! Send those to me as well.

Always happy to learn form all of you.

Until next time, Have an awesome time creating and living your Second Life!

-Wynd Wynd Ling @ Second Life




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