Oct.20,2015 Sneak Peak – Lei’s Store – Custom contract logo and packaging

Kicking off October with a custom 3d model mesh and logo design

for Leiana Emerald owner ofLei in Secondlife. Check out my work and of course her wonderful clothing creations @ her shop on Ren Faire!

Sneak Peek Sept 22,2015 Custom Mesh and logo design

Sneak Peek Sept 22,2015 Custom Mesh and logo design

This logo design takes the beautiful form of a daisy, Miss Leiana’s favorite flower. It’s low Land Impact with high detail with fully custom LOD swapping. The little jar of daisies is the product package you get free with each clothing purchase at “Lei.” Final texture work was done by Leiana, a talented texture artist!

If your presence  is lacking luster check out my exclusive custom content services for base pricing and contact me in world or @ Wyndavere’s for free consult and on point estimate. If you just need a few pointers and want to design your logo yourself, well that’s always FREE as I love to help.


I hope you all enjoyed the sun this summer , but It’s October and ya know what that means Wynd’s officially back on the clock!

Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful creations this winter,



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