Feb 10,2015 Sneak Peek Wyndavere City – #1 it begins

Sneak Peek Tuesday, Drafting has begun for the upcoming “Wynkie Wear ” mesh building for Wyndavere’s City!


Wynkie Wear Store drafting Set

Wynkie Wear Drafting set



As some of you may know, my roots in design are architecture. I studied architecture for a decade and I worked as an architect in the real world for over 15 years.

These days I work exclusively as a freelancer and Second Life Entrepreneur, but the skills learned in my professional career I still use today to design for virtual world living.

Today I present the upcoming Wyndavere’s City, due to make landfall later this year.

Wyndavere’s City is set on 1/8 South East facing parcel, in the lovely Ren Faire Sim. It is taken from a world that only exists in my imagination that will  ooze romance!  The Design style  based on   Venice, Rome,Boston USA, Seattle, video games,and some wonderful oil paintings. The end result will be an immersive, stylized environment full of color and life!

The Big picture and the major parts of the project

  • 4 main entertainment spaces
    • Match Maker Cafe
    • Whispers Speak Easy
    • Outdoor veranda
    • Bistro
    • Randm House Theater
  • A hotel
  • Stores
    • Wyndavere’s Gift shop
    • Whisperia-Landscaping supplies
    • The whittler -Builder tools
    • Wynkie Wear-moderate adult accessories/attire
    • Real estate-buildings for sale
  • Secondary entertainment spaces
    • peep show (think of that old Madonna video for those old enough to have seen it)
    • Whim- library/bookstore
    • Wigglers-fishing shack
    • boat routes
  • 3 Apartments/flats (3 people will be able to actually live in this wonderful City)

This first snapshot is the “Wynkie Wear,” building, a sub-brand of Wyndaveres currently only available at “The Succubus-Cherry Bomb Bay”  wear I make/sell accessories for the “Cherry Bombs fitmesh breasts.”

About Wynd Ling

Creative Designer & Teacher of Virtual worlds and program use, DiY home improvement projects with an emphasis on green design, recycling/reuse projects, and designer minds with a focus on wellness and confidence. My Google Profile
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