Feb 3,2015 Sneak Peek

Throughout my SecondLife and professional career in the arts I’m always asked “Hey Wynd whatcha working on?”

I  think general human curiosity breeds and beckons us to always want to learn a bit more about someone or something.  In response to that question,  I proudly present “Sneak Peek Tuesday.”

Sneak Peek Tuesday is the one day I open the doors to my workshop and allow all of you to have a look around and see what’s going on inside my scatter brained mind.

Some weeks it may be a sketch, others a model or a new product coming for my Thursday release.

So, welcome  to my workshop where the coffee is always hot and the stacks of sketches reach the ceiling!


To kick off the series I wanted to show off my brand new product package, ya know those  shopping bags or wrapped up gifts you get when you make purchases in SecondLife? Well this is my Box!


Wyndavere's brand new mesh packaging box

Click to enlarge


It’s Mesh, It’s 1 Li(land impact) and it’s even scripted and animates you!

Look for it when  you shop at one of my affiliate franchise stores!

Thanks for visiting and Yes, I dragged you through the piles of paper and may have even spilled my coffee on you just to tell you about a box  HAHA!

Happy Shopping, Wynd


Wyndavere’s @ Ren Faire

Wyndavere’s SecondLife Marketplace

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