Second Life Services

I offer a wide variety of services in Second Life:  training,Product Ads, Logo Design, graphics, textures, Photo shoots, and Mesh/Sculpt Modeling.

All custom creations are sold exclusively to the purchaser. This means that only YOU will have the right to sell these custom creations as part of your builds. I won’t sell them in my store nor will anyone else in all of Second Life have the right to sell/use them in their creations.

For additional information and Pricing on any of my services Please contact me via PM in-world
Wynd Ling
All Prices Based on 270L$=$1.00 with a minimum charge of 3200L$($12.00) a 25% non-refundable deposit of the estimated total is due on project start, with the remainder of the fee Due at delivery.

Second Life Services

Technical Training  -If you would like me to teach at your education facility my price is $3200/hr  For individual training my fee is the same $3200L/hr.

  • Sculpties -3ds Max with Prim Composer for Sculpties
  • 3ds Max box modeling & mesh building
  • 3ds Max UV creation.
  • Basic Prim Building
  • Photoshop Painting custom UV maps
  • Photoshop Graphics / Texture Creation
  • Google Presentation, Docs, Spreadsheet, and website applications.

Custom Services (prices are in Lindens and based on a 270L= $1.00 USD) Delivered to you full perms, in world as .jpg/.tga/.png format

If you require the .psd (Photoshop) or .ai (Illustrator) files please note there is a $100 usd usage right fee payable via Paypal. This option allows you to use the files for web/print use, so long as you do not resell them “as is” or as  part of any creator/build/parts package.

Marketplace Store front 

  • 1-700×100 px banner,
  • 1-45×45 px store icon
  • 1-Product Ad template

In-world Store Front

  • 1- In-world store sign,
  • 1-vendor ad template,
  • 1- “other” signage template for your in-world store location.

(aprox. 3 hr work for $9600)

Custom mesh,texture,sculpt work & animation is intended for builders to use in their creations. They CAN NOT be given away or resold “as is” or as part of any creator/build/parts pack. 

If you require the original files .DAE, .obj,.psd,.ai, .bvh there is a $100 usd usage right fee payable via Paypal.

This option allows you to use the files in other applications/ virtual worlds, so long as you do not resell them “as is” or as part of any creator/build/parts package.

  • Custom Full perms exclusive use sculptwork.
  • Custom Full perms exclusive use meshes.
  • Custom Full perms exclusive use Texture creation .
  • Custom Full perms exclusive use Animations creation .

I currently only take on small projects. The examples below will help you determine your project price.


Static Mesh/Sculpt 
model 3 hours
Uvmapping 2 hours
Total  hours 5 hours
Subtotal Pirce 16000L$
+ File Usage fee 100USD=27000L$
Total Price 43000L$









Photography (Prices start @ 3200L$/hr(average 2 hrs for edit time )+ 3200L$/hr of the time I am at the event) and each customer gets one FREE album of their choosing from my store (a 580L$ value mod/trans)

photos are delivered via e-mail in .jpg format, if you request they be delivered in world you will be charged the upload fee (10L$ per photo.)

Example package:

  • 3 hr edit/3hr event avg. 50 finished photos + Free Album= 19200L$
  • 2 hr edit/2hr event avg. 35 finished photos + Free Album = 12800L$

I cover All kinds of events:

  • Landscapes Sim shoots
  • Weddings
  • Other events (first dates, proposals, live shows, Lectures, Charity functions etc..)

Photography packages are delivered via e-mail.

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