Re-release Mod V Side table we were all a noobie once!


I joined Second Life on February 23rd 2007, and  I am now approaching my 8th “rezday” as a SecondLife resident. (OMG someone get me a walker and DON’T FORGET the must have tennis balls!)

In light of the upcoming big day I have been hit with  a dilemma, What to do with all of my early creations?

Do I stuff those  noobie, pre-sculpt, pre-mesh SecondLife creations deep in the bowels of my inventory never to be seen again? OR do I flaunt them!?


I’ve pondered this for about a month and I have decided to FLAUNT THEM!


We were all “noobies” at one time or another, be it this world or another, and I feel no shame in showing my roots.  Therefore, I have decided to update and re-release them all at discounted prices and proudly display those  “Circa Noobie” creations.

purchase this fine Mod V table today!

Mod V Side table “Circa Noobie 2007”


This week I re-release my very  first official product, the “Mod V Side table.” It’s a (mod/copy) high polished maple wood side table with nickel accent knob and just 4 Land Impact.  It’s a perfect accent to your modern flat or hotel lobby.

It’s special forever discounted price is just 80L$, and you can find it at Wyndaveres in Secondlife or online at Wyndaveres SecondLife Marketplace.


Look for more in the coming weeks as I update and re-release more of these specially priced creations. Enjoy the good quality of old-fashioned prim builds!

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