blonde wooden palletsIt’s more fun to be blonde!

Adding a little variety to the mix, this week I present the

“Blonde Wooden Pallets” and to double your stacking fun the “White washed Wooden Pallets.”

That’s right I’ve lost my mind and released not one but two brand new creations!

blonde wooden pallets

blonde wooden pallets

white wooden pallets

white wooden pallets

These pallets are 100% Mesh, hand painted textures, and perfectly perfect for your pirate ship docks (oh wait I sell docks too! here) or superbly suited for your factory or industrial scene.

Each pack comes with 6 pallet styles flange or standard in full, half and quarter pallet styles + 1 prefab set up for easy drop and use!

Annnnddd did I mention each is just one prim?!? With exception of the prefab that’s a three land impact linkset. Tint them to fit your style and needs with mod and copy permissions. That’s all I got this week, do enjoy these little wooden beauties!


Wynd Ling

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