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Match Maker is an innovative compatibility HUD, the more who use it the more fun it is to use.
The MUST have accessory for a night out on the town.

Are you looking for love or a single lust filled night? Let matchmaker be your back pocket guide to finding  Your perfect match.
Find love, explore kinks, and connect with others based on over 70 possible choices in 9 categories helping you to fulfill your desires.

Created especially for You by:
Wynd Ling: of Wyndavere’s – graphics, design and development.
Cherry Hotaling: of “Cherry’s SpellBound Animations– scripting and development.
Randm Shuffle: of “Randm Gadgets” -scripting


| Features | Quick Setup | Me | Seeking | Match | Pause | Settings | FAQ | Version |


  • Fun for parties & single mingles!
  • Automatic. Set your preferences and with a click of the match instantly connect with other Match Maker users.
  • Easy to use, with on the fly updating! Looking for a furry friend for day and a vampire for your night? Not a problem, simply update your preferences and begin a new search.
  • caters to ALL walks of life. Straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, Bisexual and even androgynous friendly.
  • This item does NOT use the Secondlife profile “interests” so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that anyone your hud finds IS actually seeking someone.
  • Mod/copy to easily add it to all of your outfits.
  • Low Lag scripts.
  • Set it and forget it! MatchMaker saves your preferences even if you detach it.
  • 4 heart rating system. Lets you know instantly the compatibility of you & your potential mate.
  • NEW! in version 2.1 Notification system! Every time an avatar wearing the MatchMaker Pro or Lite HUD enters your set range, your HUD will chime, and if the HUD is currently minimized the hearts will animate in addition to the chime.
  • FREE updates! If your HUD ever becomes outdated just wear it and you will automatically receive the newest version, without ever having to go out of your way to retrieve it.
  • For club owners, host/hostesses, and other social establishments, pick up the MatchMakerPro reseller and begin earning 20% commission for each HUD your location sells, Or Purchase the Match Maker Venue System and get the MatchMaker Pro Affiliate vendor for Free.

Special thanks to all who helped us in Beta testing!

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Quick Setup

Find the HUD in your inventory, right click it and select “wear” or “add to outfit”

  • On the “Me” panel, enter the information about yourself as honestly as possible. Remember the more honest you are the better chances you’re going to find a real match with someone else.
  • On the “Seeking” panel, fill out what you are looking for in someone else.
  • Click “Match” to begin your localized search!

Once your HUD has populated and rated your potential partners simply click any name from the list of prospects to see a more detailed overview of your compatibility ranking. (Details do not display in MatchMaker Lite)

NEW! for version 2.1 Details panel profile linking. Select a match from you list, view the details and then click their name at the top of the details panel to automatically open the profile of the person you are interested in learning more about (Direct profile linking NOT available in MatchMaker Lite)

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match maker me buttonThe Me Panel
The “Me” panel is all about you. Try to fill in the information about you as honestly as possible to achieve the best matches.

Me panel

Gender: None is Androgynous/neither.
Herm is Hermaphrodite,A person or creature that has both sex organs
Sign: Your  Astrological sign
Age: the age you are in real if you are under 18 you will get no matches as this HUD is rated mature.
The Crowd loving Extroverts.The more the merrier.
Magnet: When you walk in the party begins. Fun, live for the moment, charismatic,witty,energetic,charmer.
Clown: You’ll bring a the ice cream or take them out for a beer while making them laugh and smile on even their toughest days. Cheerful, lovable, caring, comedian.
Go-getter: When you talk people not only listen but they feel the power of your words. Motivational, believer/supporter of all people,Enthusiastic,energetic, teacher.
Hipster:You are the witty,quirky,technology loving,geek. Fun,innovative-“I did that before it was cool.”


The quiet, reserved Introverts. 1 to 1 is your preferred company.
Hippie: You experience life through your 5 senses. Nurturing, compassionate,laid-back,life-lover.
Inventor: You break it and rip it apart searching to improve life for all. Excitable,innovative,insightful,visionary.
Protector: You are the defender,the watchman/woman. Assertive,caring,high value driven traditionalist.
Observer: You are the analytic knowledge seeker. Intuitive, sensitive, understanding, curious about how people and things work.
Profession: whats your main role in Secondlife?


  • Fantasy: Any fantasy creature (Elf, Orc, etc)
  • Furry: anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities
  • Human
  • Neko: Half human half cat humanoids
  • Sci-Fi: cyborg, android, animated dolls, robots etc.
  • Tiny: One of the many tiny avatars in sl
  • Vampire


  • Punk: Tattooed and pierced,chains ,bows, anything goes. eclectic mix worn by the non-conformists or emo.
  • Urban: can also be listed as ghetto style
  • Vintage: Steampunk/period specific attire.

Hobbies: Rate how much you like each hobby.

  • BDSM: Use of restraint, intense sensory stimulation, and fantasy power role-play,blood play,Domination,submission,trust.
  • Dress-up: dollies,nurse/doctor,and all other forms of costume play.
  • Body Worship: Worship of individual body parts.
  • Body Mod: Body modifications. Piercings, chains, tattoos, mech/steam parts or clock work dolls too!
  • Care giving: Washing, shaving, grooming,hair brushing, yourself or others or performing other care giver acts such as preparing dinners,house work etc.
  • Exhibition: Exhibitionism, desire or compulsion to expose your body or sexual acts in public
  • Food Play: Enjoying sensual acts with food, or feeding.
  • Gender Bend: Someone who enjoys changing themselves to either sex at any time
  • Threesome: Someone who enjoys engaging in relationships/sex with more then one person at a time.
  • Voyeurism: Watching people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, etc

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Seekiing panel over viewThe Seeking Panel
The Seeking button will open the Seeking panel. The seeking panel is where you select all the things that you are seeking in someone else. Be sure to pick what you would like most in someone else in order for the results to be more accurate. Can’t Decide? Just pick “Any.”

See in depth description of each option  in the above “Me” panel.




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match maker match buttonThe Match Panel
The Match panel is where the magic happens.

The Match panel will show you up to 16 people within the range you set in options. These 16 people are listed in descending order with broken hearts, bandaged hearts, a full heart, or double heart.

The Heart Rating
Double Heart: an extremely rare find, The most compatible match
Single Heart: a match of sound ground
Bandaged Heart: a few bumps but opposites can attract.
Broken Heart: somebody’s gonna get hurt.
Left Pane
Clicking on someones name will select them and highlight that person in Green text.
To the left of the persons name is the symbol for the Gender that person has chosen.
To the right of the name is the overall match that person is for you. This is displayed by different heart symbols.
Right Pane (NOT available in Match Maker Lite)
The top of the right pane is the name of the person you have selected, the gender they have chosen, and your overall match to them. Click their name to automatically open their profile! (NOT available in Match Maker Lite)
Under the persons name you will find all of the selections the person you have selected has made and if you match with their selections or not.

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 The Pause Button
The Pause button will pause or stop your HUD from scanning the area for matches. This is helpful if the area you are in is really busy and you want to take your time looking through the people your HUD has found. Allowing you to click on different matches listed at your leisure.When you are done the pause button will be replaced with a play button to resume scanning for matches.

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The Options Button
The Options button will allow you to make many changes to the HUD. The settings and their descriptions will all be covered in this section.

Filter: Adds additional filters to your matchmaker hud. For example Gender filter when active will only show the genders you are seeking.
Display Names: This option will turn on or off the display names in the Match panel or not.
Range: This will set the overall distance (in meters) that you want to search for people (within the sim you are on currently)
Help: This will take you to this webpage! Welcome to help!
Timer: This option allows you to set how fast or slow your HUD scans for others that have the matchmaker hud around you. The Default is 60 Seconds.
Store: This will give you a landmark to the creators of the Matchmaker HUD SL store.
Update: Once you click this option, the HUD will check to see if there is an update. If there is a new version of the HUD it will be automatically delivered to you. (the HUD also does an Automatic update check anytime you wear it)
Soft Reset: This will reset the HUD but it will not reset all of your settings. (Helps if the hud ever gets stuck if you crash on an unstable sim)
Hard Reset: This is a full Factory Default type of reset. It will completely reset the HUD and wipe all of your settings. This is a “If all else fails option”

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Q: What if I accidentally moved my HUD off my screen?
A: Right click on any other HUD you might happen to be wearing, select edit, then use your mouse wheel to zoom out. you should then see the HUD off screen. You can R click the HUD, select edit and grab the arrows to move the HUD back where you wanted it.

Q: What if I am a boi (female in Sl male form)?
A:Match maker is designed for Second Life, being you are a Male in Second Life we believe that is your true form.

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Version Info:

Version 2.1:

Release of the Match Maker Elegant Venue System. Purchase of this System gives the Buyer posting rights in toe Match Maker HUB group to let others know you are hosting Match Maker events, and a Free 20% commission Match Maker Pro Affiliate Vendor!

Release of the FREE Match Maker Lite HUD

Moved ALL Match Maker HUDS+Venue tool+Affiliate s to  CasperVend

Affiliate Vendor program added

Notifications added: plays sound and animates hearts on HUD when another avatar wearing the HUD enters your set range.

Store locations updated

Direct link: direct linking to avatar profile page.


Version 2.0:

landmark updates + script clean up


Version 1.9:
Bug Fixes:
Sped up match updates
Features Added:
Age now takes in consideration close matches
Matches are now sorted by best match top to bottom.
Labels for kinks are much clearer
All Personalities are completely revamped.

Version 1.8:
Bug Fixes:
Fixed an error that would occur if more then 12 people interacted with the HUD at the same time. This allows the full 16 people to interact.
Features Added:
Optimized the script further.
Seeking Panel: Added a Any option for Gender.
Seeking Panel: Added an Any option for Age.
Seeking Panel: Added an Any option for personality.
Seeking Panel: Added an Any option for Species.
Seeking Panel: Added an Any option for Style.

Version 1.7:
Bug Fix: If someone chose any age above 18 in the ME panel and someone else chose >18 in the seeking panel then it wouldn’t be a match.
Aesthetic change: >18 has been changed to 18+ on the HUD display Seeking panel to avoid confusion.
HUD Change: If you choose <18 in the ME panel you will not match with anyone because you should not be using this HUD.

Version 1.6:
Initial Release Version

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