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DiY home improvement projects

Do it Yourself

Looking to Do it Yourself

but still need just that little bit of help? Post here!

I’ve been in your shoes plenty of times
and wasted many hours trying to fix the simplest of things.
Hit me up and I promise to deliver a cost-effective solution to your unique design concerns.
Even if I have never done it myself, I will research, sketch, and bang boards together until I can help you.


   Don’t feel comfortable posting your question publicly?

diy do it yourself help mail

   Send me a mail!

This is a free Diy service,as a way to say

   “Thank you for visiting and challenging me with
your Do it Yourself concerns!”


About Wynd Ling

Creative Designer & Teacher of Virtual worlds and program use, DiY home improvement projects with an emphasis on green design, recycling/reuse projects, and designer minds with a focus on wellness and confidence. My Google Profile
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